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The Disney World Restaurants With Free Childcare

Disney World Restaurants with Free Childcare!

Disney World is the holy grail for most kids, and can be the downfall of many deal-seekers. Having been more than ten times in the last five years, I can at least offer some hope that a trip to see the mouse doesn’t have to be a complete budget buster. Here’s a tip even die-hard Disney fans are surprised to hear: some Disney World Restaurants offer Free Childcare!

That’s right: Camp Dolphin is free for your kid when you eat a meal at one of four on-site restaurants. On our last visit Deal Dad and I left the chaos for a blissful meal at BlueZoo by Todd English while the Deal Kids enjoyed hot dogs and video games with Disney Cast Members. The rules are for an hour per entree per kid, but we were there for close to 90 minutes and didn’t get charged extra. Works for the Mandara Spa too! Be sure to reserve your Camp Dolphin time when you reserve your meal.

Walt Disney World Swan
 and Walt Disney World Dolphin are many’s favorite of the on-site hotels as they’re in the Starwood Preferred Guest program so you can both earn and redeem Starwood points. I stayed at the Dolphin recently and was not as enthused– it’s a great hotel, just not very “Disney” themed.

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11 thoughts on “The Disney World Restaurants With Free Childcare

  1. Robert Dwyer

    Totally agree! We had an amazing meal at BlueZoo too. It was so nice to know the kids were enjoying themselves not too far from us. Everyone had a good time that night. Nice call.

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      Thanks! Funny how Todd English is a DC Chef but I’ve never dined at one of his restaurants here.

      1. MarcusAurealist

        Since when? I’ve used it a couple of times, and I can 100% verify that it’s a great service but it was never “free” with a meal. Well it depends, to be honest maybe i just forget, I think they gave you a couple of hours credit so it depends on how long the kids stay, you may be right.

        But despite my constant amnesia , I can definitely testify to the fact that it’s a great service. There are others throughout the park , Beach Club has one, Cubs den in Wilderness lounge, there’s one in AKL but they are all pay services and as far as I know , no way to easily redeem any kind of points for those.

        Have a great week.

        1. The Deal Mommy Post author

          Hi Marcus,
          Yes…it’s an hour per kid, per entree. So if you have more than 2 or stay more than an hour, you’ll get charged the difference (unless you get lucky like I did). Thanks for sharing the other clubs…definitely worth even the $ to get some peace!

      2. Robert Dwyer

        Ha! I think of him as a Boston-based chef (being from Boston).
        Anyway, it really surprised me how utterly enjoyable BlueZoo was.
        I’d like to go back there but I’d also like to check out some of the other restaurants at the Dolphin/Swan to try new things. What are some of your other favorites?

        1. The Deal Mommy Post author

          Full Disclosure: I’ve only done BlueZoo! However, I do have a friend that has been to and can recommend Il Molino. Don’t know that you can have a bad meal at high-end Disney.

  2. HaleyB

    The Best Disney World meal is at Victoria and Alberts. Even without free childcare 🙂

    Blue Zoo has a 20% off coupon at right now. Current one is only good for next few weeks but I used it last October so I think it shows up regularly.

    1. thedealmommy

      Any kid-free meal gets a 50% taste bonus in my book 🙂

      Great Tip about Bluezoo. Back in the day they were even on from time to time!

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