Welcome to TaggingMiles!

We’re glad you are joining us. We are here not to assimilate you, but to share knowledge – and hopefully help you avoid some of the pitfalls we’ve encountered over years of travel.

We speak in “we” because we are a team.

Joe is a seasoned travel professional, and even spent some time in the travel insurance world. He has been traveling the world since he was 17, and suffered through many of the pitfalls travelers face. It made him perfect to work with folks to prevent the “what ifs.” Now, he spends his time trying to acquire points and miles, and is more concerned with living well wherever his arrow takes him than his view from the back of the plane.

Trevor is a world traveler, a points and miles aficionado. He chases the deals (so he can resell them), he chases the next best thing. He generates his miles and points to fly first and business class, leveraging his limited time off the best he can. Life is short, so he acknowledges the timeless phrase “grab the brass ring,” and he lives his life by it. He’s grabbed many brass rings and wants you to grab them too!

Together, we hope to offer you ways to earn the travel you want, and perhaps more importantly, ways for you to travel safely, soundly, and where you want.

So stick with us for this amazing ride. We’re here for you! So we encourage you to comment on our posts. If you have a question that doesn’t necessarily fit with a post, then click on the “Ask TM” link, and ask us there. We’ll leverage our combined decades of experience to answer your questions and hopefully set you on your way.


Joe & Trevor

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