Welcome to April! Q2 5x Opportunities

We’re into April, which means that we have new Q2 5x Opportunities, courtesy of Chase, Discover and Citi.  So consider this a reminder to get out there and maximize your points and cashback.

Q2 5x Opportunities – Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom’s Second Quarter 5x is for Grocery and Drug Stores! Only a few years ago, this would elicit giggles of glee! But fear not.  There have been some amazing deals lately. Just look at this deal that Doctor of Credit shared, in which FQF decreed that you must use “Washtubs, not teaspoons.” While this deal has ended, history suggests that similar deals will come in the future.

Q2 5x Opportunities

Q2 5x Opportunities – Discover

Wholesale Clubs and Home Improvement. Spring is here! For homeowners, this is a great opportunity. For folks who frequent Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale club, this is for you! For resellers; remember that Sams Club and BJ’s both sell a variety of gift cards, so if you can’t find products for resale, you could at least maximize your 5x by getting gift cards for stores that you can find products for resale. 

Maximize your Q1 5x


Q2 5x Opportunities – Citi Dividend

Citi Dividend gives us similar pleasure as Chase Freedom gives us, with drugstores. I’m not really sure how fitness clubs fit into the mix. Logically, that seems more like a first quarter thing, but maybe Citi is trying to remind us that we only have a couple months before we’ll want to look good in a swimsuit. As I think about it, maybe I do need to get to the gym a bit more…. All that aside, drugstores are great for gift cards. So, if your gym doesn’t give you $1500 worth of spend–and I hope it doesn’t!–then the drugstore is your option. Hopefully you don’t have some crazy, never ending cold, and instead can leverage some Vanilla Visa’s!

Maximize your Q1 5x



As we enter a new quarter, it avails us the opportunity to make a plan to maximize rotating category bonus rewards. Historically, second quarter is a pretty good quarter for maximizing, though I see a whole lot less of home improvement stores than in past years. 

What is your plan to maximize all of your 5x? How do you plan to do it, manufactured spending? Reselling? Organic Spend?

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