Transfer FatWallet Cashback to Ebates – Get $10 more!

I just got an e-mail from FatWallet informing me that my cashback was at risk! Given that I love Shopping Portals, and I like to maximize everything I can, I had to jump on opportunity to transfer FatWallet cashback to Ebates and get $10 more! Of course, I’m not sure that this is exactly the last chance, but its a good reminder that if you have any FatWallet cashback, now’s a good time to act.


May 10th, FatWallet shut down their shopping portal, instead focusing on Ebates. In the process, they initially offered folks to transfer their cashback to Ebates and get an additional $10.

transfer fatwallet cashback to ebates

Here’s the verbiage I received in the e-mail today:

Please update your FatWallet account to keep your Cash Back. Transfer your balance to our sister company, Ebates, and receive a $10 bonus* or cash out your full balance from FatWallet.

How to Transfer FatWallet Cashback to Ebates

Its actually about as simple as clicking a button for me, because they associated both accounts with my e-mail.

Transfer fatwallet cashback to Ebates

Clicking that button will get you over to the FatWallet / Ebates site for a quick transfer:

transfer fatwallet cashback to ebates

And then you’re done! It ended up netting me $10 on $0.90 of cashback that I hadn’t previously cashed out. Not a bad return for a whole 30 seconds.

Have you transferred your FatWallet balance to Ebates yet?

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