Tales from Seat 28B

As many know, I generally avoid flying in the back of the plane. I leave that to other experts, such as Seat 31B. Nevertheless, yesterday I was glad to have a seat on a flight 2 hours earlier, thanks to a nice benefit for American Airlines Executive Platinum members. What follows is my attempt to share my experiences – Tales from Seat 28B.

It all started with an early arrival on our flight from Liberia, Costa Rica.

Tales from Seat 28B

Needless to say, we made it, and as an added bonus, to further give us the “back of the plane” experience, the gate agent was gate checking bags.

Tales from Seat 28B

About this time, folks on twitter started noticing that something was amiss, and had some fun.

Tales from Seat 28B

About mid-way on the flight, things were getting a bit intense, so I had to turn to twitter to share my experiences.

Tales from Seat 28B

More twitter confusion ensued.

Tales from Seat 28B

A little further through the flight, I was starting to question humanity. Or rather, how long a baby can cry for, non-stop. Luckily, there are not often crying babies in business or first class, so, I had no previous data points to go on.

Tales from Seat 28B

Now that I had provided some news, I felt the need to keep reporting the news, right as it happened. I was awfully surprised when 27A’s phone rang, although I can’t say that hasn’t ever happened before…

Tales from Seat 28B

I think the pilots were having fun too, as we were doing a little slaloming, I assume to help slow us down, since we had a relative direct shot approach, which was a first, and very much appreciated.

Tales from Seat 28B

We landed, and even had a gate. This was a first for me, when flying American Airlines into Reagan National. Of course, I was left sitting on the plane, as the gaggle of people in front of us took their time to deplane. I never realized how long it takes a plane to empty out. I mean, I did, but, its been years since I was actually one of the last dozen people off.

Tales from Seat 28B

At some point, I think I got a bit punchy, so I tried to have some fun:

Tales from Seat 28B

Of course, my good friend Joe Cheung said this was incoherent. I don’t know how you get more descriptive in 140 characters. The dude in 27A was wearing an aloha shirt, and my attempt was to say that we walked over him to get off the plane. Of course, this was total tongue in cheek and kidding around. I was happy to be off the plane, and made a break for it.

So there you have it folks – tales from Seat 28B, a seat that I hope not to frequent, but I was sure happy to be home 2 hours early!

8 thoughts on “Tales from Seat 28B

    • @Paul – Luckily it was a short flight, though I distinctly remembered the coach smell as I put my clothes in the washer on “incinerate”

  1. I made the mistake of not reading the fine print when ordering tickets with TYP for the Reselling DO. And ended up having purchased a Basic Economy ticket on DL.

    NO pre-assignment. NO ability to purchase Premium Economy or any other upgrade. And just to make it extra special, when I checked my flights for Saturday, late Friday afternoon, I was waitlisted on the first leg.

    Called what DL laughingly refers to as customer service. After a 20+ minute hold, I explained to the CSR that, while I expected to wait for my assignment, waiting to learn if I HAD an assignment was not part of the deal.

    So, I got seat assignments for both Sat flights, and managed to get windows, if in the back half of main cabin. Of course, all aisle seats were taken.

    Took a little time out from the training on Sunday to make sure I had a seat assignment. Again the wait, but at least not so long. Didn’t do too bad. 16F. Not bad, for Basic Economy, right?

    Wrong. When I printed out my boarding pass at the airport, I was in 16E. UGH. Luckily, I’d planned to sleep through the flight, anyway. Which, mostly, I was able to do. Thank goodness for small favors.

    • @MickiSue – Ouch! I’ve yet to buy a “Basic Economy” ticket, and hope never to, but, as you clearly point out, mistakes happen. Worse, that is the fate coming to many American Airlines flyers too, or so it seems.

  2. In terms of crying babies, my son currently is having major stomach issues which means bowel movements every two hours and uncontrollable diaper rash that is getting worse and worse. That can get super uncomfortable, so I imagine if that was happening to a baby on the plane they could definitely cry for two hours straight. It’s their only way of expression. Even here at home he’ll go for fifteen minutes after he’s been cleaned, dried, and treated. Rare, but it happens!

    • @Joe – I really hope that’s a localized issue… I totally wouldn’t want that to happen on a plane. As it turned out, it was like 3-4 kids, so, for all I know, they might have been trading off… you know, like a relay race. Hopefully there were no stomach issues, and that they were just crying because of the pressurized cabin. Sorry about your son, btw!

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