Flying All Nippon Airways Business Class on the 777-300ER

This is part of our Thanksgiving Round the World trip, you can find my initial thoughts / intro here, Flying All Nippon Airways Square ClassThe Grand Hyatt Tokyo review, The Grand Hyatt Beijing, and the Hyatt Regency Mainz.

This is part two of the ANA Flight 1101 -Chicago-O’Hare (ORD) to Tokyo-Narita (NRT) review, as my wife and mother in-law flew in business. ANA Flight 1101 was operated by a 777-300ER (77W).


All Nippon Airways Business Class boarding area.

All Nippon Airways Business Class boarding area.

It was kind’ve humorous, the three of us (Trevor, my mom and I) boarding from two separate gates, only to see each other 3 rows apart, since my mom and I boarded through door 2L.


This was the first international business flight my mom has taken, so with all the buttons and storage locations it took most of pre departure for her to figure everything out.  The ANA crew and I helped her of course.  The seat while a bit on the narrow side, was more than enough room.  Though my mom would have preferred a seat that was a bit shorter in height or a closer foot rest.

RTW Nov 2014 012

Seat and Amenities

The amenities included slippers, a nice kit with nice hand cream, and a set of noise cancelling headphones to use on the plane, which worked very well. We were seated in the mini cabin right behind first class, similar to the American Airlines 777-300ER but it was much quieter and less bright than what we experienced on the American Airlines flight.

Pre-Departure / Inflight meal service

During boarding we enjoyed pre-departure champagne, although I wasn’t able to get a photo of it.

The one thing we learned was that ANA will not let you go hungry during the flight.

The appetizers were quite good though if you are not a fan of fish you might want to see if they could sub it out.

RTW Nov 2014 035

Appetizer one

RTW Nov 2014 038

Appetizer two

For my main entree, I had the filet of beef steak. It ended up being the second best piece of airplane steak that I had this trip. It was well worth trying it.

Fillet of Beef in All Nippon business class.

Fillet of Beef in All Nippon business class.

The small the tart hit the spot at the end of the meal. My mom also had some ice cream mid-flight that she raved about, unfortunately I was asleep and didn’t grab a photo of it.

RTW Nov 2014 041

Apple Tart

If you fly ANA you have to try the hot green tea as it is very good.  I’m not sure how they manage to make it taste as good as they do, but they do, and I’m not usually a big fan of green tea.

RTW Nov 2014 042 a

After dinner drink, plus some hot green tea.


Both my mom and I found the bed to be more than sufficient. The duvet was warm enough, but not overly so. The arms didn’t go down, which made the bed more narrow than I’m used to, but still comfortable for a good nights rest.

All Nippon Business Class bed.

All Nippon Business Class bed.

Final Thoughts

They were fantastic for the entire flight.  ANA Business class has a nice product though if you don’t like tight spaces you’ll want a set that has direct access to the aisle vs. having a small console between the seat and aisle.  I would put ANA business class on the fly again list.

6 thoughts on “Flying All Nippon Airways Business Class on the 777-300ER

  1. Great product, great review, hopefully you got it for 90,000 US Airways miles prior to them joining OneWorld. I hope you enjoyed your time in Japan.



    • @Pedro – Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately we didn’t get in with 90,000 US Airways miles, this was United, and not pre-devaluation, but it was well worth it, primarily for my mother in law. I’d definitely recommend the product!

  2. Does ANA still operate the 777-200 on this route? I’m flying this same route in June and am really hoping to get the 777-300 vs the 200 so we don’t get angled seats.

    • @Matthias – it looks like ANA has a mix of A330, 767s and 777s on the route, I suspect the angled layflat is going to be the best you can hope for, but there’s always a chance for aircraft swap. Note even the 787 has a version with angled layflats. Its only a 4 hour flight if that’s any consolation.

      • i’m sorry. i meant for the Chicago to Tokyo flight. that’s not a 4 hour flight. guessing you were referring to Tokyo-Beijing for the 4 hour flight.

      • @Matthias – Yes, sorry, I mis-read. It looks like its some / most days ANA is still flying the 777-300ER, so you’ll have the good business class seats.

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