Earn up to 10x United Miles with MileagePlus X App

There’s a great promotion going on at the moment with the United MileagePlus X App, where you can earn up to 10x + 25% miles per dollar spent. It titled the Father’s Day Promotion, so I suspect it will be ending soon.

About the United MileagePlus X App

The United MileagePlus X App is a way for you to earn miles for purchases that you might make in store or online. You are essentially buying a gift card from the app, then using it either in store or online. There are drawbacks to this of course, you lose purchase protection, things may get awkward if you do a refund, and it is another step in making a purchase.

How to find the Father’s Day Promotion

Unfortunately, United didn’t make it easy to find the promotion. It takes a few taps to find it, but I’ll save you the time with this walkthrough:

First open the app and select the index button (the 3 horizontal lines) – then you’ll get this screen:

 United MileagePlus X App

Next select “Catalog” and scroll down a little to find “Father’s Day Promotion” 

United MileagePlus X App

Finally, click on “Father’s Day Promotion” and you’ll see the various options – the screenshot below is only a selection:

United MileagePlus X App

Wrapping Up

As you can see – there’s a great opportunity to pick up some additional United MileagePlus miles. There is an added benefit if you have a United credit card, because you will also get a 25% bonus on top of the x miles per dollar. I’ve already found myself accruing so many United Miles as we get closer to the end of the year, and its always fun to fly Lufthansa First Class home from the Christmas Markets

Do you have plans to leverage this great MileagePlus X App promotion? 

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