Trying some Chilean Staples

One thing I usually try to do whenever I travel, is try the local beer. There are a few places where I’ll also try other local beverages—like Bermuda’s Rum Swizzle, for example. In Santiago, I tried a couple of different beers, notably, Cristal.

But, in addition, we also enjoyed a handful of Pisco Sours. Pisco is a Chilean liquor. Alone, it tastes, well, like maybe rocket fuel or kerosene (not that I regularly partake of either, but, I would imagine they would both be rather acquired tastes). But, when made as a Pisco Sour, it tastes pretty good…. So good, you could have a few and not realize it, aka, the dangerous kind of drink.

IMG_0621 (1)

Churrasco, which is essentially a grilled beef sandwich with a ton of mayonnaise. In truth, it felt a bit like a side of grill beef with my mayonnaise sandwich, but it was pretty good, and the serving size was great.

Photo thanks to Tripadvisor.

Photo thanks to Tripadvisor, since I was so hungry that I skipped the photo.

Even though we didn’t try it ourselves, one of the big things we saw lots of folks enjoying was ice cream. We saw a couple heladerias at the mall near to our hotel, however, by the time we saw them, we were pretty full from lunch.

Overall, our stay in Santiago was more relaxing than venturing about. It seems like every November, we have one of those trips, where we just want to relax, sleep, or lounge by the pool. This was that trip for 2015.

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