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  1. bismark

    Please enable full text RSS feeds for all of the blogs in the empire. For someone who is out and about in places that don’t always have internet access (San Francisco’s subways for example), not being able to download the entire article in my reader really stinks. Sure, you will get fewer page views but you will engender a much more loyal readership (I know I take it in to account when I am deciding whose referral links I will be using for my next AOR). Thanks for the great set of blogs.

    • Matt

      I’m playing with the settings to see if I can make that happen. I just changed it to ‘full feed’ but didn’t see an immediate change, it may require new posts to trigger it.

      Could you drop me a line next week if it worked (or not) so I know it is resolved?



      • bismark

        I’m seeing full posts in the feeds for chasingthepoints and bighabitat but no go on pfdigest or posts by you. Thanks for looking in to it.

  2. joe

    I can’t email you from the link on the site, how do i go about emailing you? It has to do with referrral links, and may make you a lot of momey

  3. Scott

    When I click the RSS feed link at the top right of the website, an error results. Also, my feedly no longer updates with the site’s posts. That stopped about 29 days ago, unfortunately. Any way to get all of the Saverocity posts delivered into my feedly?

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