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Hello Readers,

Please feel free to email me through the link below if you would like to contact me.  I welcome your comments and thoughts about the website, and if there are any features you would like to see added, or topics to discuss please let me know, i’ll do my very best to get back to you promptly.

The site is nothing without its readers, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I look forward to hearing from you.


Matt from Saverocity

Please note: 

  • We do not accept sponsored posts or links, please do not email us to ask for this.
  • We do not accept requests to add links to your site, tool, calculator, if we like what you have, we will link to it, please do not ask, as refusal can cause offense.
  • Please do not contact us and repeatedly follow up, if we haven’t replied to you, it is because we are not interested in continuing the conversation at this time.




Add yours
  1. Rags

    Hello Matt…Thank you for your blog. Truly appreciate it. I have subscribed to your blog and would like to read the password protected content as well. Please send me the password. Thank you


  2. will

    Hi matt
    I’ve subscribed to your mailing list to read your protected articles. Can you send me password?


  3. Hi Matt

    Hi Matt,

    I sent a comment earlier but gave the wrong email address that I used to subscribed to your newsletter. May I get the password. Thank you.

  4. Scott

    I just wanted to say that the blog and forum are excellent. I have not posted much on the forum because I just have not had much to say but I read everything.

  5. stvr

    Matt — I think you should take a look at your home page and ask yourself what Chasing the Points is adding. He made us all do a scavenger hunt for a password protected post that was totally useless. If you look at your home page AT THIS MOMENT, that is most of what a visitor will see. It’s not easy to gain traffic by putting up crappy content like that, which drives down good posts from some of your affiliate bloggers.

  6. Jesse

    I’ve just discovered your site. It appears great. DOC recommended. I have been working this hobby for a couple years now in Omaha area.

  7. losingtrader

    I see 2 problems with the glidepath:
    1) If a great any people follow this approach, it possibly falters because the population is aging and 401k balances are now declining overall
    2) It assumes one has adequate disability insurance. Most people don’t. The long term disability coverage you get from your job is inadequate