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Level 2 Entry Criteria

Discussion in 'Bootcamp' started by Matt, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    I personally review accounts for entry into Level 2. Since a lot of people ask, and it takes time, I ask that you have the following in advance of requesting access:

    • 10 days on the site (don't just join and ask for access)
    • 10 posts on Level 1 (they allow me to see if you are going to add value, or filler to Level 2)
    • Your online profile elsewhere, such as FT, Reddit etc, so I can see how crazy you are.

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  2. skipbo

    skipbo New Member

    Hi Matt,
    I'm new to the posting world. I don't have a profile on any other site. I'm relatively new to the Travel Hacking game. Started applying for rewards/bonus cards in June of 2014, and I am now cruising along, getting cards as soon as the minimum spend is done on another, buying gift and debit cards, and trying to stay ahead of the ever-changing MS landscape. The recent AMEX shutdown of Bluebird/Serve has me thinking it might be time to join an online community to stay up to date on things that the public bloggers don't, or won't share. I'm OK with that. They provide a valuable service, and I wouldn't be anywhere in this game if it weren't for "those bloggers". I was drawn to your forum because you do not tolerate the type of trash talk that FlyerTalk is filled with. I hope I can provide some valuable input to the discussions that you host, and I look forward to being part of your community.

    Your Friend,
  3. Risk

    Risk Level 2 Member

    • Are these requirements "OR" or "AND"?
    • Can all 10 posts be made in the first day?
    • Are 10 days calendar from the day of sign up, or 10 days of visiting the Forum?
  4. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member


    No, a maximum of 9 posts on the first day, with one further post no sooner than 3 days after that, and no later than 7 days after the previous post.
    Of visiting the forum, proof will be required, such as a photo of you looking at the forum with a copy of that day's newspaper in hand. The photo should be notarized.
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  5. Risk

    Risk Level 2 Member

    Got it. < A sigh of relief that the question didn't include "NOT">

    Educated guess:
    if 9 posts on the first day require 3 < days < 7 spacing,

    then the following requirements must also hold:
    8 posts require 2 < days < 8 spacing
    7 posts require 1 < days < 9 spacing
    6 posts require 0 < days < 10 spacing
    5 posts require -1 < days < 11 spacing
    4 posts require -2 < days < 12 spacing

    Sounds reasonable. Anyone unable to fulfill these simple requirements is bound to screw up the complex topics of Level 2.
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  6. GettingReady

    GettingReady Level 2 Member

    Time to ban me from level 2. Clearly I'm a misfit.
  7. volker

    volker Level 2 Member

    I am sure I will find some old newspaper from the 80s or 90s at a local yard sale. That should be sufficient. There is a reason why it's called travelhack. Or is it a coincident that google lists 1090 pages with the word "hack" under saverocity.com?
  8. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Most of the stuff isn't listed there..
  9. smittytabb

    smittytabb Moderator Staff Member

    Oh no, no, no. It's more like 3900. And that is just the benign stuff.
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  10. volker

    volker Level 2 Member

    From which country to you query google that it finds so much more with the same link?
  11. montmorency

    montmorency Level 2 Member

    Lol, that's funny! But I bet there are some earnest people who would actually do it! :)
  12. volker

    volker Level 2 Member

    Impressive. How much time & effort does it require to do that much MS?
  13. linda nguyen

    linda nguyen Level 2 Member


    What happens when you don't post elsewhere / don't have a history to show on other sites? Can I still get level 2 access without this criteria being met?

  14. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    It can happen, but I would want to know who you are in such cases.
  15. linda nguyen

    linda nguyen Level 2 Member


    I will work on my posts and contact you later to discuss entry into Level 2.
  16. linda nguyen

    linda nguyen Level 2 Member


    I was wondering if I can apply to level 2. Let me know if I need to do anymore.
  17. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Send me a PM pls
  18. MickiSue

    MickiSue Level 2 Member Supporter

    She forgot the photo of her holding a copy of Saverocity from 5 years ago....
  19. Pointspursuer

    Pointspursuer New Member

    I've been on here a while, but don't have much to share that 1. Hasn't already been shared or 2. I think is probably level 2 (and has been shared) and will get me skewered for sharing on level 1. So what do I have to do to get to level 2?
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  20. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    You can send me a DM with your username at another forum so I can check your posting style. There's rarely a 'fail' on this check, if people are more aggressive/direct in their posts I just discuss that on the way in.
  21. Seeme

    Seeme Level 2 Member

    Waiting on Level 2 access in order to finally see behind the magic curtain is stressful
  22. mec

    mec Silver Member

    mec on Creditboards

    an mec on FT

    MECredit on Reddit

    I've been on Creditboards since late 2015 and started my learning process there. I've started to join other forums this year, and I've also started MS this year as well.

    I'm starting slowly and like a nice smooth process. I prefer to plan through possible scenarios and have a back up plan before jumping into anything new.

    I've always been a traveler in my heart but not in reality for many years... so I'm learning how the process works and relish the opportunity... to swim in the world's waters, eat it's foods, drink it's drinks and climb it's heights.

    I'll post here when a thought seems worth posting and look forward to meeting the community.

  23. MickiSue

    MickiSue Level 2 Member Supporter

    If you look at the first post, Matt clearly lays out the requirements for level 2. Activity on another forum gives an idea who you are there, but who you are here matters more.
  24. mec

    mec Silver Member

    Thank you for the guidance.

    I'm just starting to look around the forum and finding lots of interesting topics.

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