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How Many States Have You Visited?

Discussion in 'Welcome, and General Discussion' started by MickiSue, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Suzie

    Suzie Level 2 Member

    Great pic! Our son is an adult now but we still talk about our trips. Great memories. Enjoy and savor!
  2. MickiSue

    MickiSue Level 2 Member Supporter

    I can see it. And you bring up a very important point. A big part of the joy of travel for many of us is the shared memories with people we love.
  3. DornierDo28

    DornierDo28 New Member

    I think I've visited about four or five. Which is pretty pathetic. But I have visited almost 50 different countries now...
  4. italdesign

    italdesign Level 2 Member

    Well, I've now been to the only 2 states that require an attendant to fill up your gas tank: NJ and OR.
  5. spamman808

    spamman808 Level 2 Member

    Finished all 50 with another road trip this summer. Onto the next bucket list item I guess1 :)

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