CC-based primary car insurance on an award rental


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I have an upcoming car rental which I booked using Alamo points. I have to pay $86 in taxes/fees on top of the points. If I pay those fees with a Citi Prestige CC, which offers primary car rental insurance, will I be covered?


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IIRC Prestige only had secondary coverage for domestic rental (unless you have no car insurance) as of about a year ago. Has this changed recently?


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As for whether it'll be covered, I can't say for Prestige since I've never used it for car rental insurance, but for CSP, the T&C is written in a way that is open to interpretation. It says something like: the entire cost of the rental must be charged to the card. It can be strictly interpreted as the original total cost without any coupon/discount, or liberally interpreted as the final cost after coupons and discounts. YMMV.

FWIW I just made a reservation with a coupon. Will argue if it comes to that.
A bit old but a qualified yes from the blog below. The article is a bit old so check your Citi T&C to be sure.