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Amex Platinum benefit activation

Discussion in 'American Express Membership Rewards' started by Matt, May 10, 2016.

  1. Panache

    Panache Level 2 Member

    Great post, was about to call in on how to activate Priority Pass, saved me from listening to Muzak!
  2. smittytabb

    smittytabb Moderator Staff Member

    This post by Stefan is good as well

  3. Ttitle

    Ttitle Level 2 Member

    Anybody adding the Schwab AMEX Platinum also? That would be another 40,000 points (along with 450 fee - airline credits) but then 1.25 for each MR point into a Schwab account.
  4. Benjamin

    Benjamin Level 2 Member

    I did the same exact thing, just some hotels for a visit to Europe. Parlayed that into Marriott Plat and then begged the others to fall in line. They abided. Lucky me! :)
  5. gmenrule

    gmenrule Level 2 Member

    can you do the MPX /$200 Airline Credit with the Business version successfully?
  6. swonavy

    swonavy Level 2 Member

    Yes. I completed it about 2 months ago.
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  7. ToothMiles

    ToothMiles Level 2 Member

    I signed up for United & bought $200 gift cards at MPX.
  8. Flanmann

    Flanmann Level 2 Member

    My current airline is Delta.. I'm flying on 1/1- wondering if I can get credit for my baggage with Delta, wait until it posts, and then still be able to switch my airline of choice before the end of January and use the rest of the available $200 credit?
  9. btbane

    btbane Level 2 Member

    I was curious about that for a similar reason as well. My business platinum was set to Southwest. I was planning on buying gift cards before the end of January to get the $200 credit. However, I don't think I would like to use Southwest as my 50% rebate for points redemption and unfortunately they have to be the same. I wanted to make sure that getting the $200 credit doesn't lock that airline in for the remainder of the year.
  10. ZipZapKaZoom

    ZipZapKaZoom Level 2 Member

    There is a limit to being able to switch airlines. A simpler trick might be to buy a Delta Gift card for $200 and just use it as a discount on your next trip.
  11. ZipZapKaZoom

    ZipZapKaZoom Level 2 Member

    A hidden Amex membership reward is that once you have Hilton Honors Gold you can get Sixt Platinum.

    1. Create a Best Western account
    2. E-mail StatusMatch@bestwestern.com with a Status match request for Best Western Diamond include an image of your Hilton Honors card
    3. Get a Sixt Platinum card

    Sixt is my favorite car rental company, sometimes on their e-mail blasts, you can rent a BMW for the price of a Hertz Chevy Spark.
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  12. bifslipson

    bifslipson Level 2 Member

    Does anyone know if the SPG gold status automatically upgrades you to Marriott Gold or do you have to call/email for it to trigger? I just got a Platinum (yet to arrive) and have a weeklong JW Marriott stay coming up. you prefer to get Gold treatment vs Silver, although it's resort, so no breakfast anyway. Here's to an upgraded room......."if available".
  13. italdesign

    italdesign Level 2 Member

    IIRC once you link your Marriott and SPG accounts, the status match is instant.
  14. tgrshark13

    tgrshark13 New Member

    It triggered automatically for me (once I remembered to add SPG, since I rarely stay with them).
  15. bifslipson

    bifslipson Level 2 Member

    FYI- it takes up to 72 hours to trigger the SPG Gold. Once THAT happens, the Marriott upgrade is automatic. Thanks.
  16. BeckhamsTears

    BeckhamsTears New Member

    are the car rental statuses no longer available?
    I can't find a working link
  17. madage

    madage Level 2 Member

  18. BeckhamsTears

    BeckhamsTears New Member

    for whatever reason wouldn't work on Chrome, tried 2 computers
    got it on Internet Explorer
  19. Mancolt

    Mancolt Level 2 Member

    I didn't see this mentioned in this thread (but could have missed it). Now that AmEx provides the $200/year Uber credit, add your AmEx Platinum to your Uber app. Based on a DoC article, it doesn't appear the biz platinum is getting the Uber credits, or the fee increase. I mistakenly thought both were coming.
  20. bifslipson

    bifslipson Level 2 Member

    I just received my Plat last month. Signed up for Avis and got Avis Preferred status. Saved me from standing in a line 30 deep at MCO and wen straight to the garage kiosk to pick up my keys.
  21. italdesign

    italdesign Level 2 Member

    [UPDATE] - I see both credits now, it took a few minutes to appear.

    Does anyone know, if I have multiple personal Plats, is it possible to get $15 Uber credit on each one in the same month? I added both Plats to Uber but am still only seeing one $15 credit. Not sure if another credit will appear after using 1st.
  22. currid7

    currid7 Level 2 Member

    Just to throw this out there, if you AF is coming due on one, hold off until it posts, so you can squeeze another credit (if you'll use it), then cancel in the 30 day window. My AF will hit 5/22 but I'll use Uber on 5/26 and 6/8 so I can squeeze $30 out before I need to cancel on 6/22. Don't cut it too close though!
  23. pointsaholic

    pointsaholic Love this game!

    I get 2 $15 credits per month. It doesn't even need to be your own Plat. One of the cards is my sister's. She doesn't use Uber so she let me add her plat to my Uber account.

    Something must have gone wrong with adding your 2nd plat to uber.

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  24. Mauddib6

    Mauddib6 Level 2 Member

    My last stay at an SPG property with gold status got us a really nice upgrade to an incredible room. Also, love the double earning with Delta status and SPG gold.

    PNW-MSSER Level 2 Member

    If you read tripadvisor, you would realize thats an exception rather than the norm :)
  26. atravels

    atravels New Member

    In addition to the $15/mo credit ($20 for Dec.), adding your Plat card to Uber also upgrades your status with Uber automatically, theoretically matching you with higher rated drivers.
  27. mec

    mec New Member

    You DO NOT need to activate the Roadside Assistance on the Platinum or the PRG.

    Good up to 4 times a year for tows up to 10 miles ($3 per mile past 10), keys locked in the car, up to 2 gallons of gas or a jump start.

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