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US Air 10,000 Miles Anniversary Bonus to Stay (for some cards)

The companion certificate is a benefit of the US Airways card that I had never used before
I’m curious – will the card change?

Last week, I had a short twitter conversation with @tmount, @KennyBSAT, and @FreequentFlyr (follow me @asthejoeflies!) about whether the 10,000 miles anniversary bonus (after paying annual fee) on the Barclays US Air card would be sticking around. We determined that for older cards that have the bonus, it will stick, but applications in the last year or so have taken that bonus out.

So for example, the card I got in 2013 has the 10,000 mile bonus in perpetuity while the one I got in 2014 has no bonus at all. Freequent Flyer was saying how it’s in the terms and conditions so Barclay’s couldn’t get out of it, but I was kind of worried once the programs combine (which looks like it could be soon) they’d be able to sneak out.

Well, I received an e-mail today stating that the 10,000 mile anniversary bonus will continue after the programs combine in 2015.

Instead of 10,000 US Air miles next year we'll be getting 10,000 AAdvantage miles
Instead of 10,000 US Air miles next year we’ll be getting 10,000 AAdvantage miles

I find two things interesting about this e-mail. First, Barclays is going to start awarding the bonus miles as AAdvantage miles – that’s a great thing it means they’re not weaseling out of their T&C. But secondly, the fact that they are saying they are going to be giving 10,000 AAdvantage miles inĀ 2015 lends credence to the theory that the programs are going to complete their marriage sooner rather than later. I was thinking that 2015 might be the “you can transfer miles freely between programs” period but this is further evidence that they’ll be straight up combined.

Anyway, just wanted to share with anyone who has the card and is curious!

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One thought on “US Air 10,000 Miles Anniversary Bonus to Stay (for some cards)

  1. Great news. I also received the same e-mail and am happy to continue receiving the 10,000 annual bonus miles with my card! The e-mail also stated that starting now American Airline purchases with the US Airways Master Card will earn double miles.

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