Travel Gear for Families, Toddlers, Babies, and more

Below is a list of products that my family uses or has used in the past. They only include what I would recommend to other family travelers. All links are Amazon Affiliate links and may earn me a commission if you purchase through those links. I appreciate the support! 

If you’d like to support the site and I don’t have a link to your product here, anything you buy through this Amazon link should earn me a small commission as well. Thanks!

Baby Travel Gear and Toys

Gemini Beco Baby Carrier – our favorite (and only) baby carrier. Has put two children to sleep many a late night and in random places all over the world with no issue

GoToob Travel Tubes – Small 3 oz. tubes for lotion, sunscreen, diaper cream, or whatever you need. Perfect for on the go and small enough to pack in your carry on

Take and Toss Sippy Cups – cheap, easy to use, and minimizing of spills. 

Toddler Travel Gear and Toys

Disney Tsum Tsum Ultimate Sticker Collection – more Disney Tsum Tsum stickers than your child will know what to do with

Ezy Dose AM/PM Push Button Pill Planner – put food or toys in each individual pill box, will double both as snack dispenser and toy

Kidzgear headphones – good headphones for your kid to use on the plane, with a volume control so you can make sure its not too loud. A little flimsy though after prolonged use

Melissa and Doug Color Blast! Coloring book – simple but fun coloring book with a cool water based pen

Travel Toilet seat (Kalencom Potette Plus) – a great toilet seat to take on the road, light and portable

Trunki suitcase – your kid can pull it along herself or sit on it for a ride. Very cute, sometimes annoying. But very cute

Travel Stroller

Uppababy G-lite – hands down our favorite travel stroller. Light, compact, and you can sling it around your back. Less is more when on the road

Car seat stuff

mifold booster seat – the pros are that it’s small and transportable, the cons is that it will hurt your kids’ butt if they sit on it too long. Great for short trips but I’d never use it as my main booster seat

Jeep Car Seat Travel Bag – put your convertible or upright car seat in here before you check it in as luggage, sneak some extra stuff inside the bag that doesn’t fit in your suitcase


Ex-Officio Boxers – wash in the sink and hang to dry and they’ll be ready by morning

Ex-Officio women’s underwear – see Ex-Officio boxers