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Three credit cards I’m changing my mind on

I was cruising along, dabbling in gift card reselling and pretty happy with my miles and points earnings. I was doing fine and had accrued enough miles to basically cover all our family trips for 2019. I started inching closer and closer to 5/24, but then gave up in September and started applying for cards on a regular basis again. Since I’ve started the credit card application cycle again, I’ve found myself looking more and more at a variety of cards.

Here’s where I note that there are some drawbacks to talking to Robert Dwyer of Milenomics on a daily basis. Between posts about the World of Hyatt card and our experiments in self/spousal referrals, he’s got me thinking of cards that I probably would have ignored otherwise. Here are the three cards that I planned to ignore but I’m starting to seriously get tempted by.

Hilton Aspire (American Express)

When the Hilton Aspire first came out, I decided I didn’t want to carry another $450 fee. But with the 150,000 point sign up bonus and the ability to do a spousal referral, I’m getting pretty tempted. There are some creative ways to trigger the $250 airline and resort credits that I might play around with, but the real draw is the 150,000 points. We stay at Hiltons enough and we also are starting to need two rooms more and more. So the 150,000 points should go to good use.

The free weekend night seems fine. I was also excited about having Diamond status until I read this post. I generally have been pretty happy with Hilton as a program, so I predict I’m probably going to end up changing my mind on this one. It wouldn’t be the first time.

World of Hyatt card (Chase)

I haven’t given this card much thought since it came out but since it’s not subject to 5/24 and I’m never going to be under 5/24 again, the 60,000 Hyatt points is pretty tempting. Hyatt is definitely due for a devaluation (even beyond the Category 8 thing) but I still find it valuable to stockpile hotel points in general (see above).

The card will even give me the ability to manufacture Globalist status if I’m so inclined (I’m not) (Am I?) (Let’s move on). In my mind, 60,000 Hyatt points will free up 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points for me to do something else with, so I’ll probably look into this card as well. I’m planning on exchanging my Hyatt 1.0 card for this World of Hyatt card as Robert outlined here.

City National Bank Crystal Visa Infinite

This one I blame Robert directly for. I’ve read that you might need to send in W2s to be approved for this card. I wasn’t interested in dealing with the hassle but Robert was so nonchalant about his experience that I’m pretty tempted.

3X on groceries looks pretty good, though I’d need to finish off my 25K at 4X on my new Amex Rose Gold first. But I’ve read that authorized users are free and each gets the $250 airline credit – that’s pretty tempting. I’m least likely to get this card, but I’m still thinking about it.

Final Thoughts

I’m not sure whether I’m looking to be talked out of or talked into these cards. The bottom line is, with an increase in spending coming up for the holidays, I feel like it’s time to capitalize on sign up bonuses. So I’m taking a second look at cards I chose to pass on in the past.

Do you have any of these cards? Are you happy you signed up for them? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter! 

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9 thoughts on “Three credit cards I’m changing my mind on

  1. CNB Crystal is an amazing card if you have at least two authorized users. It definitely was a pain in the ass to get, but I’m glad I did. I eventually downgraded it to the no-annual-fee version, but I’m thinking of upgrading it again.

    1. I don’t have the card (yet) but they let me do application online and e-mail a W2 + Driver’s License to the adviser. So if that’s all not too bad…

  2. Would you care to comment on or give guidance to where to find out what these “creative ways” are? “There are some creative ways to trigger the $250 airline and resort credits.”

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