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Some Thoughts and Pictures from Lyon

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I really wanted to be at the WestCoastDo but had already made plans to get away with Jess, so we’re here in Lyon, France (minus the little one) for the long weekend. We’ve been preoccupied with three things: sleeping, eating, and walking. We’ve done a ton of all three. I planned this trip looking forward to doing the first two, the third just kind of happened.

Some consider Lyon the food capital of France, while some consider it the food capital OF THE WORLD. I don’t know about all that, but we’ve been eating pretty well. Here are some quick highlights so far, more detail to come eventually.

We took our pre-flight meal in the British Airways first class lounge in Boston. It feels like a prison but the food wasn’t bad (better than the plane although I skipped straight to dessert so who knows).

After arriving in Lyon and taking a nap (first of many), we went to La Remanence, a restaurant that recently earned a Michelin star for the first time. We ordered the tasting menu. I found it to be pretty good all around with some spectacular points – including a scallop cooked still attached to its shell and two different ice creams.

After a big breakfast, we skipped lunch though grabbed some chicken nuggets from McDonalds. They have a really good curry sauce you can get with your nuggets, and Chinoise sauce – aka sweet and sour sauce. That quite possibly is racist though I can’t be certain.

We spent the rest of the afternoon eating chocolate. First we went to Bernachon, a super famous chocolatier in Lyon. Jess went kind of nuts and we bought a lot of “gifts” for people. Then we went to the Salon du Chocolat Lyon – aka huge chocolate festival that only happens once a year. We spent two solid hours there just sampling and trying and buying. A really cool experience. Anyway I’ve tried to upload a few pictures into this slideshow thing Saverocity recently added to WordPress – hopefully it works!

Edit: Hmm I don’t really like how this displays. No more slideshows.

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