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Surveying Scotland: The Isle of Skye – 11 Photos that will hopefully make you want to visit

I mostly chose the title of this trip report “Surveying Scotland” due to the alliteration. Surveying turned out to be the right verb, though. I once read in Rick Steve’s that you don’t really start appreciating a city until your second or third visit, which is something I have come to live by. That’s why we easily took our kids around London despite some things going south, it’s why I love visiting Madrid, and it’s why I’d love to go back to the Bavarian Alps.

Traveling with kids obviously slowed us down a bit, so it really felt like we only got a taste of Scotland had to offer. A decent taste, but not as much as we might have liked. Wish we had hiked more, sat more, ate more, taken tea more. But it was a great place to bring the kids.

We made the decision early on to make our way to the Isle of Skye – that involved an hour flight from London followed by a three hour car ride. What we didn’t realize at the time was a lot of that car ride was going to be on single lane roads, and adventure in and of itself. Still, we had read that the landscape on the Isle of Skye was beautiful, perhaps reminiscent of the Dingle Peninsula, and so we made the commitment to stay four nights out there.

We didn’t regret it in the least.

Here are some pictures to give you a taste of our experience there. Though I plan on expanding on what we did there, I know some people don’t like wading through long trip reports, so hopefully these photos will inspire some of you to get out to the Isle of Skye. It’s well worth it! No miles, no points, just amazing scenery and great people.

Isle of Skye
Playground at the Sligachan Hotel


Isle of Skye
That kind of island


Isle of Skye
Scots love their whiskey


Isle of Skye
Found this to be a pretty unique landscape


Isle of Skye
Will brake for sheep


Isle of Skye
Freshly shucked oysters


Isle of Skye
Walk to the Fairy Pools


Isle of Skye
A Fairy Pool


Isle of Skye
The island is full of scenes like this


Isle of Skye
Panorama view from the Old Man of Storr


Isle of Skye
Our home in Skye

In my next few posts I’ll get to what we did in a bit more detail – but what a place!

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5 thoughts on “Surveying Scotland: The Isle of Skye – 11 Photos that will hopefully make you want to visit

  1. You had me at Dingle Peninsula. Of all the places we visited on our trip to England and Ireland, years ago, that was the place that told me I was HOME.

  2. Wow! These are great pictures. Definitely have inspired me to go too! Before we had a kid, my husband and I hiked through Ireland on three separate trips. We hiked the Beara Peninsula, the Kerry Peninsula, and the Dingle Peninsula. Those are memories that will last forever. I have a strong feeling we will love Scotland. Your kids are the cutest! Good for you on giving them these experiences early on. They will be better people for that. At least, that what we tell ourselves when we bring our 3.5 year old on our international travels. Frankly, she is already demonstrating an understanding for other language and cultures, so hopefully it’s working!! 🙂

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