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Home for the Holidays: Visiting the Taipei Zoo

Getting ready to go into the Taipei Zoo
Getting ready to go into the Taipei Zoo

We were pretty swamped with meeting up with relatives, so in our four days in Taipei we only managed to do one kid friendly activity. Luckily, it was a good (and inexpensive one), one I think all parents visiting Taipei should consider – the zoo!

Getting There

Getting to the zoo is a piece of cake. It is a terminus for the Wenhu line on the very easy to navigate MRT. It was about a 40 minute trip from the Grand Hyatt Taipei involving one transfer.

The Wenhu line features Hello Kitty on the train
The Wenhu line features Hello Kitty on the train

Once you get to the Taipei Zoo station, it’s a short walk to the zoo itself. On the outside of the zoo there are various photo opportunities.

Tickets to the zoo are ridiculously inexpensive. Seriously, what kind of taxes do the Taiwanese pay!? Admission was $2 USD per person. Kids under 18 are $1 and pre-school children (not sure how they determine that) are free.

So cheap!
So cheap!

What to See at the Zoo

The prices would be a good deal for a tiny zoo – but there’s a lot to see here. As an aside, why are zoos in the States so expensive? This is the second low cost zoo I’ve seen in two months overseas.

Two pandas
Two pandas

The highlight of the zoo are its three pandas. There is an entire exhibit hall dedicated to them and when you enter the park you are given a ticket with an entrance time to the hall. I’m not sure how strict they are with this, we went in at our designated time but the reality was the zoo was fairly empty when we were there.

Dat marketing...
Dat marketing…

There were two pandas outside (which doesn’t require the timed admission ticket) and one inside. They were cute lumbering pandas, as pandas are wont to be. M was enthralled.

There is also a large store almost solely dedicated to panda gear. I was very tempted to buy a bunch of stuff but thought better of it. Maybe that’s why the admission is so cheap!

M's first giraffes
M’s first giraffes

Aside from the pandas, there is a ton to see at the zoo. Despite the fact that the penguins air conditioning was broken and the exhibit was closed, we filled up the better part of two hours exploring the zoo (you could probably spend a whole day there if you’re there with kids who can last that long).

Big (stupid) elephant!
Big (stupid) elephant!

Some of the highlights for me were the giraffes, the tiger, the elephant, and the hippo. I don’t think I’ve actually seen a hippo in real life before. Ooh and the camels and zebras were pretty cool too.

Despite being jet lagged, M had a great time at the zoo. She saw some of her favorite animals and met a few new ones. I think the park is pretty well designed and easy to get around. There is a ton of walking to be done though, so make sure your kids bring the proper shoes (and you bring a stroller if you need it).

Final Thoughts

The zoo is a great option for families and adults alike. It’s cheap, the animals are plentiful, and it’s super easy to get to. Fun for all ages!


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