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(Fut)ballin’ in Brazil – Traveling Alone (Day -1)

Unbelievably, this was a year ago - they grow up so fast and I hate to miss any of it
Unbelievably, this was in Italy a year ago – they grow up so fast and I hate to miss any of it

Update: instead of waking up at 5 am like she has the past month, baby M slept in today and I didn’t get to bye. WHY

I put Baby M down to sleep tonight and let out a brief sigh. The only thing tempering my otherwise unbridled excitement for this trip is leaving Jess and the baby at home. It is the special lot of parents of toddlers to feel like any day missed is a milestone missed. This parent, at least. Anyway, it’s always tough to leave, but I’m sure they will be fine – I’ll be the one missing out!

The other issue with traveling alone is the little things – nobody to watch your luggage when you go to the bathroom, nobody to help hold your stuff when you take your sweatshirt off, etc. Luckily, I’m meeting up with a friend in Charlotte for a fairly significant layover that will be chock full of Charlotte-y things. I’m looking forward to that – and in 36 hours I’ll hopefully be in Brazil! If you’re a new reader, welcome! Note I don’t normally blog daily like this, but I’ll try to share a little something every day of my trip if I can.

Two outstanding issues before I leave:

1) The World Cup looks like it’s been going smoothly thus far which is great to see.

2) U-S-A!

Image courtesy of USA Today

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11 thoughts on “(Fut)ballin’ in Brazil – Traveling Alone (Day -1)

  1. I travel alone all the time as my wife hates flying. The things you mention are annoying indeed, but you get used to them. I’ve just gotten back from Brazil and had a blast! Have fun, and explore Brazil beyond football, too.

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