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(Fut)ballin’ in Brazil – Rest and Recovery (Day 3)

Ipanema Beach Rio de Janeiro
Art on Ipanema Beach

After three very full and stressful days, today was a day to take it easy. I slept in until about 930 and then we just hung around the apartment for awhile. When we finally went out, we had lunch at a little place called Galitos which is a chain of some sort. The way things have worked out with our busy schedule we haven’t been able to eat anything authentic yet (though who knows Galitos probably is not either). Regardless, the food was excellent.

Beach Chair Ipanema beach
My handy dandy beach chair

Today is a Brazil match day so the whole city is abuzz. We made it to the beach and some stands wouldn’t even rent us chairs because they were going home to watch the game. After finding a stand that was willing, I rented a chair for 5 reals and just sat on the beach for a good long while. Just the rest and recovery the body needed I’m gonna keep this entry short – the brain needs some rest too.

Galito's Ipanema

Still, two more notes. I switched to T-mobile for the free international texting and 2G data; though service has been spotty at times it has been handy to have. Second, whenever Brazil scores you can hear the entire city go crazy – including fireworks that sound like gunfire. Cool and scary at the same time. Hope they win…

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