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(Fut)ballin’ in Brazil – Charlotte Chowdown (Day 0)

Bojangles by Charlotte Airport
Our first stop after the airport

I left at 8 AM this morning from Boston and am currently in the middle of a twelve hour layover in Charlotte. Why layover in Charlotte do you ask? Well, the first and most obvious reason is this is the routing that worked the best when booking the award ticket – I wanted to be able to meet up with my friend and fly down to Brazil together. But the fact that I love the food here doesn’t hurt either.

Chicken Biscuit, Bo-tato rounds, and chicken breast
Bojangles for breakfast

After meeting my friend at the airport, we picked up our rental car and hit my personal Charlotte food trifecta: Bojangles for Bo-rounds, Price’s Chicken Coop for fried chicken, and Cookout for milkshakes. Needless to say after eating all that we passed out for a little while due to food coma.

Fried Chicken at Price's Chicken Coop
We bought a lot of fried chicken

An interesting note – we booked these tickets with United miles when US Airways was still part of Star Alliance. My friend was taking United flights to Charlotte and wasn’t allowed to check in for his US Airways flight – he had to get his bags and then check in again when he got to Charlotte. I guess that makes sense but it’s something to note if you are in a similar situation (I guess United and US Airways’ systems don’t play nice anymore?) He was also turned away from the United Club due to not connecting to a Star Alliance international business class flight. Interesting…

Price's fried chicken whole chicken
We bought a lot of chicken – this is a whole chicken

Anyway, it’s BBQ for dinner and then we’re back to the airport to go to BRAZIL! I still miss my daughter and wife but now that I am away I am starting to get really excited. I had my most relaxing flight in a long time – funny how different things are when you don’t have a small child crawling all over you. Hope to talk to you from Brazil!

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