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Family Travel Hacking Guide 04: Who to Follow on Social Media

To do: Pick a few of these accounts to follow on your preferred social media network

As we continue getting you and your family set up to hack your next family vacation, I think it’s important to acknowledge the power of social media these days. Social media and following the right accounts is a powerful tool: it can alert you to ultra cheap fares – both with cash and with points. While I generally find the “Won’t last!” language to be a bit annoying and click baity, the fact is that mistake fares and award space don’t last as long as they used to, so it is important to move quickly.

That’s why it’s important to have your travel goals set long before you are ready to book. If I know my family’s goal is to go to Europe this summer, then I should be on the lookout for flash sales on both cash or miles. That gets me best positioned to strike if those sales meet my goals.

Travel Hacking Social Media

Following the right people can also help you get a feel for the game overall. However, if you follow some more advanced hackers it might sometimes feel like they are speaking a different language. Someone like @freequentflyer is a great resource once you get to a certain point in the game (a must follow, really), but he can also send you scrambling to Wikipedia to figure out what he is talking about. Doubly so when he tweets about subjects other than travel hacking!

Here is a list of sources you can start with if you are new to the game. I’ve also included more “advanced” follows, but you should know that I’m biased (duh). Also, while some are worth following, I’ve left out all the huge bloggers. They can be good sources of news but they can also tempt you into making bad decisions or get you into the wrong mindset before you have a solid foundation. Aka not every amazing credit card offer is the right one for YOU right now.

I’ve broken down accounts by social network, and when applicable, broken down people to follow by type.


Twitter is all about finding deals in real time and jumping on them before they are gone. I actually find it more useful for cash fares though sometimes it’s good for revealing temporary award availability.

Travel Hacking Social Media

For cheap flights be sure to follow:

@airfarewatchdog, @theflightdeal

For news on bank and credit card bonuses follow:


For general news an miles and points you can follow any of the full time bloggers, but I generally like (for simplicity and clarity):


Family oriented miles and points bloggers:

@thedealmommy, @pointswithacrew, @tripswithtykes

People who tweet more advanced stuff that you’ll probably end up following anyway so might as well start now:

@Saverocity, @freequentflyer

And if you can handle me going nuts for a few hours when my favorite sports teams are playing, follow me @asthejoeflies!


There are various Facebook groups out there oriented towards travel hacking but the best is probably the Travel Hacking 101 group run by¬†@thepointsjock. I’d suggest joining that group and following along, Rich has just started a Thursday series for beginners but he also shares a lot of next level stuff.

Travel Hacking Social Media


Instagram is mostly only useful if you like seeing pictures to be inspired for where to go, so follow whoever doesn’t make you feel too inferior for not traveling enough! Or people with cute kids and/or dogs.


I don’t use Reddit very much but there is a lot of great info on there, though most of it tends towards the advanced side. You can keep abreast of credit card sign up stuff at /r/churning and award travel at /r/awardtravel.


Blogs basically all report on the same information these days, there is very little that is groundbreaking. Yes, my blog too.

I’d say follow whoever has a style and opinion that resonates with you. Then follow at least one or two bloggers who you generally disagree with: contrast in opinions is good for growth.

If you need a place to start, here are some of the blogs in my RSS feed (alphabetical order):

Doctor of Credit

Miles to Memories

Points with a Crew

Saverocity (covers all blogs in the network)

Tagging Miles

The Free-quent Flyer

Trips with Tykes

Travel Codex


Forums have useful information if you know what you’re looking for but can also be a huge time suck. If you’re looking for quick information usually googling your question plus “flyertalk” should get you started.

Travel Hacking Social Media

To build a community, which I think is important as you progress in this game. I’m of course partial to the Saverocity Forums. The percentage of good people posting on there is high and that’s where I always start when I’m looking for information.


Dots, Lines, and Destinations is kind of AvGeek-y but you can pick up some good hacks from time to time. I like Vacation Mavens for family oriented discussions, plus there is a severe lack of female voices in the podcasting world. I also host the Saverocity Observation Deck along with Trevor (@tmount) and Joe Cortez (@JoeCortez) – the official podcast of Saverocity! We have a good time and I’d like to think we throw some good tips in there.

Use IFTTT to set alerts for yourself

As you can tell, I’m not active on all these forms of social media. But I can still keep tabs using IFTTT alerts. For example, I can use IFTTT to keep an eye on certain subjects on Reddit and get them sent to my email – useful since I almost never go to Reddit.

Travel Hacking Social Media

IFTTT, which stands for if this then that, can basically send you emails when certain search criteria are met. It takes a bit of work to set up, but Yihwan wrote a great tutorial: I highly recommend it!

Final Thoughts

I’m sure I’ve missed some great follows, obviously this is just my personal list. I will also update when I inevitably realize I forgot someone. This is a HUGE list of people, websites, and media to follow – obviously you can’t do it all at once. As I will throughout this series, I advise you to start slow: pick a few people to follow on your preferred network and let things build from there. There is no point starting to follow Reddit regularly if you never use it: just stick with what you know and if you have time set up some IFTTT recipes for the rest. Up next: we’ll finally move on from all this set up and start talking about saving some money!

To do: Pick a few of these accounts to follow on your preferred social media network

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