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Quick Hits: Delink Chase business and personal account online logins

Update 11/19: a friend told me they had received offers with linked accounts but was never able to get them to load. He delinked business and personal and they just loaded.

Three years (has it been that long?) ago the Travel Sisters posted about how “Just for You” credit card sign up offers in your Chase online account bypass the 5/24 rule. Since then, every once in awhile Doctor of Credit updates his post when new offers get sent out and since then Chase has even started offering “black star” offers for business accounts that also bypass 5/24. Well all this time I’ve been crying myself to sleep because I’ve never received one of these offers – but that’s because I never read the part where people apparently are getting this on personal account logins that aren’t linked to a business account.

I consolidated my Chase business and personal credit card logins years ago, so that’s one possible reason I’ve never seen one of these offers. Note that plenty of people with separate personal and business logins have not gotten offers either – but I haven’t found a datapoint of someone with linked accounts receiving an offer.

Anyway, I figured it couldn’t hurt to delink my business and personal accounts so I set about figuring out how to do it. Turns out it’s really simple!

You want to call the internet/online help desk. The department that handles this is open during the following times.

  • 7-11 PM EST M-F
  • 7-8 PM EST Sa
  • 7-6 PM EST Su

The process is really straightforward.

  1. Call 1-877-242-7372
  2. Option 3 (Business card)
  3. Option 2
  4. Explain to the rep that you want to separate your personal and business logins

In my case I had an old personal login so all my personal cards went under that login and my business cards remained on my business login. All in all I was done in five minutes and so next time a new round of Just for You offers comes out hopefully I get one. But uh…I bet I won’t anyway.

But hey, hope this info helps someone. Happy card hunting!

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6 thoughts on “Quick Hits: Delink Chase business and personal account online logins

    1. All my bank accounts went with my personal stuff. So I think it should be okay, but I’ll have to double check to make sure all my autopays are set. But I don’t see why they wouldn’t be

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