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Quick Hits: Calculate Spending on Jetblue Plus Mastercard

I love my Jetblue Mosaic status but this time every year I’m always trying to figure out whether I’ve spent the $50,000 on the Jetblue Plus card. As a reminder, spending that much gets you Jetblue Mosaic for the next loyalty year. I use my status to constantly tinker with both cash and award tickets without having to worry about change fees. Mosaics also get to upgrade to Even More Space seats by paying with points (at a very strong value) so I appreciate that as well.

Unfortunately Barclays doesn’t offer an “year to date” options that I could find and I don’t use Quicken or anything like that so I was looking for an easy way to check. I’ve always gone to “Rewards & Benefits” -> “Rewards Activity” but I thought something wasn’t adding up.

tl;dr – You DO want to check “Rewards & Benefits” -> “Rewards Activity”, my math was wrong and the computer was right. But it was good to confirm. Keep reading to see what I realized.

Anyway, if you’re still here, when you click “Rewards Activity” you’ll see a tracker towards the $50,000 in spend needed. This updates every time a statement closes, which I confirmed in the course of my poking around. So just take that number and add in any transactions you’ve made since your statement closed and you’ll know how much you’ve spent towards Mosaic status.

Jetblue Mosaic status

What confused me was the “Spend Analyzer” you can find under “Activity and Statements”. You can sort by payments over time which gives you a breakdown of how much you spent per month. When I added up all the months of 2019, my number came out to be a couple thousand dollars more than the Rewards Activity tracker.

So what’s happening here? Well, the Spend Analyzer apparently doesn’t account for returns and reimbursements. So ignore it for the purposes of tracking your Mosaic qualification and stick with the Rewards Activity tracker.

Which I should have figured in the first place…

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