Chase screwed over its affiliate marketers yesterday

So Chase just put out a great offer on its United card: 50,000 miles (up from the previous public offer of 30,000), plus 5,000 miles for adding an authorized user, plus the annual fee is waived for the first year. This was also an affiliate link, meaning that Chase’s affiliate marketers–some of the bigger ones include boardingarea.com, Million Mile Secrets, and The Points Guy–were set to make some good money. Here, courtesy of TBB’s Twitter feed, is what the scene looked like on BoardingArea: [click to continue…]

Don’t be led astray! Here’s the best available offer on that 55,000 mile United card

Here’s the link! Note that this one includes a $50 statement credit. I gain nothing whatsoever from this link; I’m just passing it along. Be warned: the affiliate link being promoted by many bloggers today does not include the $50 credit.

Thanks to poster alexro in the Fatwallet Financial thread for mentioning this offer. If anybody encounters a better offer, please let me know and I’ll update this page.

The hills are alive with the sound of increased credit card rewards!


Things are looking up for credit card aficionados! Consider:

  • According to Cardhub, card sign-up bonuses increased 5% in the second quarter. Interestingly, the article notes, “And some consumers have likely learned over the years how difficult it can be to actually use the rewards that credit card companies dangle in front of themSuch restrictions are part of the reason that a third of all credit card loyalty awards dispensed each year are never redeemed.”
  • The Cardhub study also notes that bonuses are up 10% year-over-year.
  • Citibank is adding airline transfer partners! See Miles Professor for more. Hopefully Citibank will introduce some new options for earning ThankYou Points as well.
  • My wife just got her 50,000-point Fifth Third card.
  • A friend of mine just received two solid targeted sign-up offers: Capital One Spark ($500 cash back with a $4,500 spend) as well as the 150,000-point Amex Platinum offer shown below. It’s $10K for the first 100,000 points, plus $10K more for the next 50,000. It’s a lot of spending but 150K MRs is good compensation.

amex platinum 150k


EDIT: I’ve also added in a scan of the Spark offer.

cap one spark 500

This is what half a million points achieved for us


In terms of point redemption, it’s been a pretty busy four months for the PFD household, with our accounts diminished by over 500,000 points and miles. I’m going to go through what we spent our points on–not for the sake of bragging but to show what this hobby can do for a family.


We had another kid last fall and with the three other young ‘uns we already have, we don’t have much of an appetite for big trips right now. So why not bring the world to our door? My wife is from Nicaragua, and she has siblings there she doesn’t get to see as often as she likes. So in April we cashed in 150,000 Avios to bring her brother and his family for a visit, and this week we cashed in 175,000 Avios to bring her sister and her sister’s family up here.

That’s a total of 10 international tickets–all coach, of course. Nobody will enjoy a first class lounge, but my wife gets to hang out with her siblings, my kids get to hang out with their cousins and practice their Spanish, and the relatives get a rare chance to travel abroad. I didn’t have to use any fancy booking tricks, either (though I almost had to with the second trip); they were both straightforward Avios redemptions. The Avios came from a combination of British Airways credit card miles, Amex MR points, and Ultimate Reward points.


I recently wrote about our trip to Atlanta–12 nights’ worth of suites for only 60,000 Hyatt points, a tremendous value. Besides that we had three rooms for a night in Columbia, SC during my brother-in-law’s visit (84,000 Club Carlson points left over from a promo a couple of years ago), a couple of nights in Miami for my brother-in-law’s family (16,000 Hyatt points courtesy of Ultimate Rewards), and next week we’ve got three rooms for a night in Asheville, NC (60,000 Priority Club points earned from a sign-up bonus and promos) for our families.

By my standards, half a million is a pretty high burn rate for four months. But then, the next big trip on the horizon for us is a trip to Nicaragua in about  a year and a half, so we won’t be burning too many more points in the immediate future. And we’ve enabled a lot of memories and connections that would have been a lot more difficult if not for points and miles.

And that, my friends, is how we’re traveling and why. Have a great weekend!