Republic Wireless offers a cheaper phone, the Moto G

republic wireless

A quick Republic Wireless update: I wrote favorably about this company before, and I’m still pleased with my service. I’m currently paying $10 per month for unlimited calls and text and I use wifi for any additional internet needs. Overall, I’m still happy I joined them.

The update lies in the fact that Republic is now offering a cheaper phone, the Moto G. It’s $149 for the 8-GB version or $179 for the 16-GB version. The Moto X, which is the phone I’m using, is $299.

Is the Moto X worth the extra money? Here’s a Moto X vs Moto G review which is worth your time if you’re thinking about either phone. I’m about to get an additional line from Republic for Mrs. PFD, so I’m currently facing this dilemma. I’m really happy with the Moto X, and I’m currently leaning against the G on account of the fact that its camera apparently isn’t very good; the review goes into that issue in more detail.

If you do sign up, you can use my referral link to get both of us $20 off our monthly bills. I’m happy to pimp this link since I’m saving money every month with Republic. If you have any experience with them, either positive or negative, please comment below.

Orbitz launches a new credit card: 2% back on all purchases, no annual fee

orbitz visa credit card

Orbitz has launched a new credit card, with Comenity Bank doing the underwriting. I’ve never actually used Orbitz, so I don’t have much to say about this one. I’ll just pass along the details to you, my internet friends, so you can take a look. From the website, here’s what you get:

  • 10%back in Orbucks when you book eligible hotels on our mobile app, or 8% on desktop/web
  • 7%back in Orbucks on flights on our mobile app, or 6% on flights and packages on desktop/web
  • 2%back in Orbucks on all purchases – anytime, anywhere
  • $50 activation bonus
  • Complimentary Orbitz Rewards Star status

2% back on everything with no annual fee sounds good, depending on how good Orbucks are. This FAQ says:

Q: What are Orbucks anyway?

“A: Bucks” you can use on your next hotel booking. One (1) Orbuck = $1USD in savings on Orbitz Rewards Hotels.

So if you can only use them on hotels, it’s not quite as exciting. Anybody who’s familiar with Orbucks, please chime in below.

I don’t do enough traveling or manufactured spending to make this worth my while, so I’m going to pass. What do you all think–thumbs up or thumbs down on this one?

Bank bonuses! Cheap car rentals! Insane Clown Posse!


BANK BONUSES, GATHERED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: If you’re into deposit account sign-up bonuses, there’s a FWF thread that has gathered a bunch of current bonuses which you may find worthwhile.

INK CLASSIC GOES TO THAT GREAT BIG WALLET IN THE SKY: Gary reports that the Chase Ink Classic is no more, though the Ink Cash is still available. The Ink Cash is one that never gets any airtime since its points can’t be transferred (unless you already have a Sapphire Preferred or Ink Bold), but I suppose that if you already had a CSP–or were already maxing out the spend bonus on an Ink Bold–the Ink Cash could give you a little extra juice.

CHEAP DRIVIN’: Ric Garrido had a good idea for a fun trip:

One-way car rentals in May 2014 are as low as $15 to $20 after tax, per day, from Jacksonville to Miami for any size car from economy to full size for travel from all the major companies like Hertz, National, and Enterprise car rentals.

I never gave much attention to the opportunity for Florida one-way car rentals to northern states, until today, when I thought about a road trip along US Route 17, the Coastal Highway from Florida to Virginia.

At $15 per day for a one-way car rental from Jacksonville or $19 per day from Miami, the opportunity to tour for two or three weeks in a car picked up in Miami, Florida and dropped off in New York is an incredibly inexpensive transportation option. $300 to $380 for 20 days of car travel can get you to a lot of places in the USA.

Note that those rates include taxes. A former coworker of mine and some pals of his once took advantage of a deal like this and racked up 12,000 miles in three weeks, if memory serves. If reports are to be believed, the look on the face of the guy at the car rental desk was priceless.

There are a lot of neat places to stop if you’re heading north from Florida: St. Augustine is worth a day, as is the Amelia Island / Little Talbot Island / Fernadina Beach region, then there’s the Golden Isles of Georgia, then Savannah, Beaufort, and Charleston, and we’re not even out of South Carolina yet. And you can always stay in the Walmart Parking Lot Bed & Breakfast if you want to be extra frugal.

Anyway, Rick has more details if you’re interested.

AND SPEAKING OF SLEEPING IN CARS: See if you can guess what part of the country wants to ban sleeping in one’s car. Hint: wealthy Californians.

EXCITING NEW CRYPTOCURRENCY: The AV Club reports on an exciting new monetary development:

Finally uniting devotees of cryptocurrency with devotees of rapping clowns who believe scientists are liars under one umbrella of guileless faith, Juggalos now have a Bitcoin to call their very own. JuggaloCoin has been dubbed by its proprietors “The Most Insane Coin In Crypto History”—a tall order for a currency where nearly half a billion dollars can be irretrievably lost, all thanks to an exchange founded by Magic: The Gathering fans. But like everything Insane Clown Posse, JuggaloCoin’s “insanity” is a form of totally wicked, carefully monetized brand loyalty.

I can’t top that description, so go read the whole thing at the AV Club, though if you’re at work I would think twice about clicking any of those links from the AV Club article, or for that matter about reading anything having to do with the Insane Clown Posse.

juggalo coin

The insanity of this coin has blown my mind.