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A new website to manufacture spend!

(Disclaimer, this article does not concern military personal finance at all, but since a large focus of Saverocity is manufacturing spend, I thought I’d share).   Over at my other website, The Military Frequent Flyer, we received an email from a longtime reader, Harry Campbell, author of the blog yourpfpro, who wrote to us concerning [...]


Chase’s military-specific credit cards.

I received a follow up email from Chase about one of my recent posts, the 10 best military credit cards – it came from Alexis Martin, from Chase Communications and Public Affairs. It goes as follows:   Hi, Congratulations on the launch of your site. I’m reaching out about your “10 Best Credit Cards for [...]

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Tax Advantages for Military Members

With only 15 days left until taxes are due, I thought it would be germane for me to talk about some of the tax advantages that military members are entitled to. If you want to slog through the IRS article concerning military and taxes, feel free to, but I’ve tried to condense it a little. [...]


10 best credit cards for military members

Credit cards are the easiest and fastest way to rapidly accumulate miles and points (or cash back), and is a major part of the overall strategy of cheap or free travel, with a couple caveats. First off, you need good credit for most of the cards I am listing; however, I will include a card [...]


Betterment Review

(In full disclosure, the below referral links provide me a bonus ($10) but also provide you a larger $25 sign-up bonus. If you are not comfortable with that but want to sign up, feel free to navigate there on your own.) At some point in your military career, hopefully sooner rather than later, you’ll want [...]


SDP – a guaranteed 10% on up to $10k!

Probably the best guaranteed investment one can make is a little-known program for military servicemembers called the Savings Deposit Program (SDP). It offers a 10% annual return on up to $10,000 (ie $1000 profit per year). I took advantage of this program the entire time I was in Bahrain. However, there are some major caveats: [...]


Over at my other blog, we’ve gotten some good news, so I thought I’d share for readers of this one too. For those that are unaware, most credit card companies will waive annual fees, late fees, etc., for active duty military members under the auspices of the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA). I’ll be talking [...]


How to get a Chip & PIN card in the US

Chip & PIN cards are a type of credit card that holds some advantages over traditional magnetic stripe cards and even over chip & signature cards, the latter two of which make up the vast majority of credit cards in the US. The biggest advantage it has is it is a much higher level of [...]


Military perks Monday – VA loans!

Quick Guide to VA Loans   Another great benefit of being either active duty or a veteran is having the VA guarantee your home loan. The VA does not provide home loans or mortgages; rather they back your loan, which is provided by private banks or mortgage companies. When your loan is VA-backed, these companies [...]

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How to get access to Morningstar Investment Research for Free!

Military members get free access to MORNINGSTAR investment research center ($195 value)! I have investments in Vanguard, USAA, and Fidelity. I’m by no means a finance wizard so Morningstar has always been my go to when I want expert advice on a stock, mutual fund, or ETF. I didn’t find out about this until recently [...]