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How to get access to Morningstar Investment Research for Free!

Military members get free access to MORNINGSTAR investment research center ($195 value)!


I have investments in Vanguard, USAA, and Fidelity. I’m by no means a finance wizard so Morningstar has always been my go to when I want expert advice on a stock, mutual fund, or ETF.

I didn’t find out about this until recently but apparently back in 2009, the DoD partnered with Morningstar so that all Military personnel would have free access. If you want to read the whole press release click here.

How do I get access?

1. Log into your AKO or NKO account (AKO shown here).

2. Click on ‘Self Service’

3. Click on ‘My Library’

4. Click on ‘Business and Personal Finance’ or Scroll down on the right side to where it says Morningstar

5. Click on the ‘Morningstar’ image or name.morningstar2.png

So what’s included?

• Morningstar analyst reports on 4000 stocks, mutual funds, and ETF’s

• Screening and portfolio tools

• Online classrooms with investing courses.

Below is an example that shows some of the added benefits that come with the Military Access Pass.Morningstar3.png

And here is a picture of some of the resources available in the online classroom.Morningstar4.png

Lastly here is a picture of the screening tool. In this example I choose to screen for US equity funds, with a Large Blend category, and expense ratio below 0.20%. Great tool to compare expense ratios, market yields, P/E ratios, etc.Morningstar5.png

Overall, it’s a great resource. I will continue to use it as I constantly evaluate my portfolio and need expert advice. And the best part is its free!

(Guest Post by Bobby at Deals4Military. Click to visit their webpage or facebook page).

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