American Express has announced that Small Business Saturday is back for 2014.  The date will be November 29.  This year’s terms [Warning:  Link to PDF] involve a maximum of three $10 credits per eligible American Express card.  Prepaid American Express products are not generally eligible, but Bluebird and Serve are!

Registration will open on November 16, so you’ll want to make sure that your cards are ready to go.

You can register a number of ways –

  • The “Offers” tab from your account screen on AmericanExpress.com
  • From ShopSmall.com
  • Using the Amex App
  • Facebook
  • Twitter, using #AmexShopSmall

To find qualifying merchants, visit the Shop Small Map.

Small Business Saturday

You must have a transaction of ten dollars or more to qualify for the $10 credit, and remember that it is per transaction. Even if you swipe for $30, you will only receive a ten dollar credit.  I’m probably not going to hassle my local merchants into swiping 12 times across 4 different cards for a $120 purchase, but I’m sure some will accommodate split transactions if you ask nicely.

Around here, most businesses happen to be small, so I’ll probably be more limited with the number of stops I’m willing to make versus the credits available.  The crowds will probably head south to hammer the Kittery Outlets that weekend, so I’m thinking going north into Portland is the plan and that lunch and a gelato will definitely soak up two of the credits.  I can probably get dinner covered as well.  Yup, as usual, I’ll spend Small Business Saturday eating!

Head on over to American Express’s website for additional details.


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