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The goal of the Charity area in Saverocity is to select charities to support on a quarterly basis. Each quarter we will select one charity to support based upon reader nominations, and then a poll from those submissions.

Quarterly Themes
Each quarter will have a 'theme' or focus for the charities, readers of this forum can then propose their charity of choice based upon that.

  • Jan1-Feb March -N/A
  • Apr1-May-June -N/A
  • Jul1-Aug-Sept- N/A
  • Oct1-Nov-Dec Hunger
  • Jan1-Feb March -Health
  • Apr1-May-June -Education
  • Jul1-Aug-Sept- Housing
  • Oct1-Nov-Dec TBC
Charity Proposals
Each reader may submit one charity per quarter. The Proposal thread will remain open for 7 days, after which it will be collated and reviewed by the Moderator team. Finalists will be added to a Vote thread, which will also remain open for 7 days. The charity with the highest vote will be supported for the quarter. You can nominate charities here

We will fund the charities from a number of different sources, which will evolve over time. Initially, I have committed to contribute all of the monies I would personally receive from Credit Card revenue. Note the use of the word personally there. In addition, we are always looking for other ways to fill the income pools for this, so please reach out to myself, or a forum Mod to share thoughts on this.

Note - Saverocity as a network has many different bloggers, each earn their own credit card links and revenue. We all have links on our pages, and if you opt to use one of their links they receive 100% of that income. Example - if the the master account received $1,500 in revenue for Q4 2014, it may be that from that I would have personally earned only $1,000- that will be the amount that I donate to the charities. I will have two independent people acting as auditors confirming the amount is accurate. My own personal links can be found on the front page of Saverocity.com here. Additionally, any card links that I add into any of the blogs that I author will count towards the charity pool.

Collected Revenue and Quarterly Drift
Note that revenue, including that from credit cards, can take some time to report. As such, it is possible if you apply for a card in one quarter, I may not receive the money until the following quarter. In that event, I have tracking codes in place to 'look back' and will manually add the funds to the prior quarter.
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Not sure if people know this, but Kroger (and I am sure other grocery stores have it too) has a charitable giving thing affiliated with their loyalty cards. You can pick an organization from their list-a lot of local high schools and religious organizations were on mine, and they will donate a percent of your expenditures to that organization. I think you have to re-enroll every quarter. I just started doing this about 6 months ago and they gave $250 to our local library for us. I am wondering if they include gift card purchases when they tally that?


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Target has that program too.
Also many companies do matching gifts for employees, some will even match time donations with cash. Huge source of funds for groups I've worked with.