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Walmart MO problem

Discussion in 'Welcome, and General Discussion' started by dr0832, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. dr0832

    dr0832 Level 2 Member

    I was just at Walmart and I was trying to buy a money order with a VGC. The money order was for $998 and I was going to split the transaction to two VGC's of $499.00 and $499.77. I swiped the first card but the idiot behind the counter put in the wrong amount. He actually input $400.99, and it was approved. Then that meant there was $597 remaining and since I only had $500 on the other card he said he would just cancel the transaction. Well I didn't get a receipt or anything to say it was voided and when I tried again of course the money was already gone (well $400.99 of $500 was taken).

    I called giftcards.com and they said it takes 3-7 days to refund it but I am worried that Walmart took it and since I didn't get a print out or a receipt, maybe I am screwed? Has anything like this every happened to any of you? I have bought hundreds of money orders at Walmart over the past 5 years and never had an issue.
  2. Abhflying

    Abhflying Level 2 Member

    Yes, it will take 2-4 days to get funds back to your card for cancelled transactions.
  3. rastaman

    rastaman Level 2 Member

    As the other poster mentioned, it will probably go back to your card. However, I would still go back to the WM and at least document what happened since you dont have a receipt.

    I have had 2 incidents where the MO machine shut down mid transaction. The first time, they told me it would come back on my card and it never did. I had to deal with the store for 2 weeks just to get my money back. They ended up paying it in cash. The second time a MO machine failed, the cashier gave me cash on the spot since the receipt showed that is how much I was owed. I suppose your situation is a little different since they cancelled the order. Either way, I would at least talk to a manager so they are aware of the situation in case it does not come back to your card.

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