UR Fraudulent Use


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So I woke up this morning to a confirmation email stating that I had redeemed all of my Freedom points for a Sephora gift card. I find this odd because I never redeem for gift cards and we (wife and I) don't shop at Sephora. I called up Chase and the lady was quite nice on the phone and informed me the case was escalated and would take between 3-5 business days to hear something back.

I checked the rest of my accounts and my wife's accounts and no odd usage as shown up. I find this whole situation odd and after reading some blog articles about the same thing I wouldn't be surprised if this was an internal security issue. Like an employee going around hacking people's accounts.

The only email I received was notifying me that "I" redeemed points for the gift card. The email states it would be sent to my email address. I never received a Sephora gift card (go figure...) and I'm fairly confident my email wasn't hacked. Which really just leaves someone altering my account and putting in their email address or someone at Chase intercepting the card before it gets to my email.

Either way I'm a little irritated but at least it was only less than 10K points. Way more points in our other Chase accounts haha.

Anyone else deal with this situation before?


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Is it possible you can ship a gift card to someone else? Say if you are actually giving it as a gift to someone? Never done this so no idea.