Turbotax Deluxe for $24.99


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StateFarm bank used to offer Turbotax Deluxe for free to its account holder, so I used Turbotax free for couple of years. But SFB stoped the offer this year.

I looked around and it seems like Fidelity offers the best discount. You don't have to be a Fidelity customer to use the discounted offer.

Hope this helps.


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There's also a Staples deal for $10 off with coupon code 18450.

Ia Turbotax something that requires you purchase a new copy every year or do they continually update it with new tax code?


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They continue to update for the year that you bought it for, but you have to purchase a new version for each different tax year. If you have simple taxes (e.g., don't itemize), there are free online versions from Turbotax, H&R Block, etc.


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I've used TT for years, and it seems like the pricing changes every year. One year you pay for everything up front and pay to file. Next year it's nothing up from and just pay to file. Not complaining, just confusing each year as to when and what you are paying for.


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@windycity Thanks for the heads-up. Being using State Farm for Turbotax for years. Never knew this was changing, no thanks to SF. But like @mlick41954 said, they've slowly creeped up the price (or removed features for free version). It really sucks that they corral you into using and liking there product and then pull the plug on it.

I keep getting reminded that creditkarma is offering a free tax thing, may have to check it out. Any other suggestions for tax prep for free (or greatly reduced)?


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I've signed up for Credit Karma tax and was looking to use it this year. As a matter of fact, I've started to fill out the form, but still waiting on the forms to be sent by the brokers/banks. As I am trading futures, I needed to upgrade to the deluxe for Turbotax last year.

However, I'm unable to use Credit Karma tax this year as my wife moved over from overseas and Credit Karma doesn't support the Form 1116 - Foreign Tax Credit form. So unfortunately, I'll use turbo tax this year again.

From the help section, these are the items that Credit Karma doesn't support:

- Part-year state returns
- Multiple State returns
- Nonresident state returns
- Filing state taxes without filing federal taxes
- Form 1116 - Foreign Tax Credit
- Form 2210- Underpayment Penalty
- Form 2555 - Foreign earned income
- Form 8332 - Release of claim to exemption for child by custodial parent
- Form 8615 - Tax for Certain Children Who Have Unearned Income
- Nonresident alien federal tax return (Form 1040NR)
- Earned Income Credit with Non-Dependents
- Married filing separately in community property states
- Clergy member tax filings (e.g., ministers or pastors)
- City of Detroit Income Tax Returns
- Part-Year New York City Tax Returns or Part-Year Yonkers City Tax Returns
- State Schedule K-1 Forms
- Estate and Trust income from Schedule K-1

Otherwise investments and business returns (section C) seem to be covered.

The only catch is that Credit Karma wants to obtain your tax return information for their records so they can match you up with loans/credit cards etc. But this is optional and you can opt out.

Thanks for the heads-up on the cheap TT!


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Don't forget the AMEX offer:

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