Tools of the travel trade, "what's in your carry-on?"


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We've been fortunate to travel pretty extensively before embracing points and miles. I've always admired folks who have thought through their strategy for comfort, experience, etc. once away from home. We have accumulated a number of tools to use depending on the length of flight and the duration away. Specifically for carry on I thought I would share a few and see if we can refine the 'best of' for everyone's benefit. Granted if you are in front of the curtain some things take care of themselves. As we expect the CP in the next few weeks I am looking for ideas for coach comfort too.
I saw this item and thought I'd see if anyone had any personal experience with it: -called a 'first class sleeper', it's an inflatable, looks interesting.
Known solutions for me include:
Noise canceling earbuds or headphones. I have the Bose, but they can be bulky for long tours traveling light, I found some 'in ear' from Panasonic that are quite good for less than 40 bucks. Take up hardly any room-got a pair for wife and I. The dull roar of the plane I find creates needless stress on my system and these help smooth that part out.

Audio books on my iPhone, either via Audible, or, free rentals from the library. Close my eyes and i'm off 'down the road'.

Large collapsible water bottle filled up for free at the airport after security. yes, it saves money, but more than that it keeps me hydrated and I'm not bugging the FA when I want it.

Personal snacks, tends to invite better nutrition and I know I'll like what 'I" bring.

Eye shades, little space needed and nothing says: 'don't want to chat' like eye shades... ;-)

If it's a buddy trip we've included some small bottles of our favorite adult beverage for ease of use.

I've had mixed experience with pillows, inflatable, foam filled, etc. still not sure they're worth the space they take up, but,again depending if we are landing someplace or touring for weeks.

Recently had daughter load some movies on the iPad and using a splitter it did the trick for the two of us to kill some time to the East Coast. We typically don't worry about first/biz for domestic. She used something called 'hand break' I believe to rip the dvd. I used the inline volume adjustment as my hearing is a lot worse than my spouse.

I found this site great for inexpensive pieces for the go pro, iPhone, etc. One of the things I got was a compact handle/strap/weighing device that makes luggage weighing easier. (note to self:avoid Spirit. ) scale

Aforementioned GoPro 3+, I continue to be amazed at the quality of these images, same thing with the iPhone, especially for shooting panoramics.

Various external battery options for iPad, iPhones. I have and like the Sony

Also, don't know if it's necessary to break the links given these aren't blogs, etc. so if not, let me know and I'll edit this for ease of use. I'd welcome others experience for traveling smarter.
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Also, don't know if it's necessary to break the links given these aren't blogs, etc. so if not, let me know and I'll edit this for ease of use. I'd welcome others experience for traveling smarter.
You don't need to break the links. Only if it is linking to 'Products' that are used to generate income. Also, when you do break them, it is simpler to hit the Insert> Code button.
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I carry an outlet splitter in case I need to charge something and all the outlets are taken. You can kindly ask someone to share then.


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I never go anywhere without a light black pashmina. It doubles as a blanket or shawl and takes up no room at all.


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Socks can be helpful if your feet get cold. I sometimes take a small knitting project to keep my hands occupied (have to be careful with space, though). I second the shawl comment, as well.


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Some things are not for comfort, but for "just in case." I always bring a pair of socks and some clean underwear, because I check my luggage, and it has, once, been lost overnight. And, of course, my one and only RX for my thyroid, because no trip, vacation or not, is any fun if you are tired.

I don't do audiobooks. But I do have a small, lightweight pair of headphones that are quite satisfactory for cancelling noise. I load books on my iPad--I have Amazon Unlimited, so can have 10 books at a time, and if I run out of reading matter, I just "return" one, and get another.

Definitely my own snacks. Cheese sticks are wonderful. Low carb, individually wrapped, fit in the purse.