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Hi everyone,
A couple of days ago I reloaded my SO's BB and OneVip cards online using $200 VVGC's. Everything went super smooth....Registered the VGC online.... Added one to each account... reloaded both accounts for $200.

Today I tried to do the same but the system is putting a hold on each card where I need to confirm the hold amounts in order to use them. I did it but now I have a couple of dollars on hold on each card after reloads.

The only difference from the other day that I can think of is that the other day I may have registered the cards and then hours later added them to the serve accounts for reload. Today was pretty much register and then immediately add to serve for reloads.

First question: to avoid the holds, do I need to wait between registering the VGC and using it? If so how long?
Second question: can I remove the debit cards from the logins without waiting for the hold to be released?
Third question: once i do a billpayment, do i need to wait for the payment to clear before canceling the serve account?



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Update: Now serve and BB is not allowing me to even register other Vanilla VGC's as the "name does not match". Vanilla's are registered to the correct zip code but cannot be registered to a name online (or by phone, i tried). Has something changed since i was able to add these type of VGC's before to the online funding option?

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It's been a long time since I had a Serve/BB card after being shut down. From what I recall, the online load functionality was for Permanent Debit Cards (like PayPal Business Debit Card, that AA mileage earning debit card, etc). It wasn't meant for constantly changing gift card numbers. From what I recall, back in the day, your experience is typical.