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This has been blogged about before but I thought it would be of some use to the uninformed and also there is a new trick needed in order for it to work.

ANA is a great resource for finding Star Alliance availability and, as such, has limited access to their partner search function to those with miles, as seen below it is grayed out even for members.

One workaround is to simply transfer some miles from your membership rewards account, but, for those who don't feel like doing that or are not in the program, the Wandering Armenian came up with a Chrome Browser extension to automatically activate this option. This worked flawlessly until Chrome updated their browser to not allow extensions not found in their store and will now automatically disable this extension after you restart the browser, so now you need to follow a few extra steps.

The first way to get around this is to reinstall the app prior to use. Chrome has disabled the ability to install this by executing the file. This can still be done by saving the linked extension to a folder and dragging it into the Chrome extension folder.

This will allow you to search ANA until you restart.

For a more permanent option, you can download the Chrome App and Developers Tool found in the Chrome store.

When enabled this app will allow the use of third party apps and you will not need to continually reinstall.


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Apparently, and I am not sure when this happened, the ANA extension was added to the extension store. So if you want to use this extension get it from the store instead of the Wandering Armenian's site. Some of the the other Wandering Armenian extensions are also in there and are worth checking out.

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