Refund on Points + Cash booking


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As we know, if you book a point + cash booking, then cancel it, the dollar amount you paid will be refunded back to you in the points format (0.7c/p).

My question is - is it possible to get refunded by the original dollar amount? Can I write to IHG to request that?



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No. Well, you can write, but it probably won't do any good. The only time I have ever heard of it being done was when someone booked a points+cash rate for a Presidential Suite and the hotel claimed it was an error and canceled. Even then, it required a lot of effort.


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Thank you for this thread. I was going to make an expensive somewhat speculative booking but now I won't. I was looking for confirmation that at least you got points for your money, but I really don't need that many points :). All of the other google notes I found on this subject did not make it clear (that you keep the points purchase). I'll have to think on this for awhile and do some spreadsheet math ... but will probably wait awhile to ensure a reservation would be less speculative (I can actually make the stay).