Reclaim expired Marriott points?


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My Marriott points seemed to have expired as of February 2016. I missed the 1 communication regarding the expiration of points, so I'm wondering if there's a way to get these points back? Or has anyone had any success with reclaiming expired points by reaching out to Marriott?


I had the exact same problem...I was hoping to get the MR card and then email them to ask them to reinstate my miles b/c I know that points don't expire when you have the card, but I can't even apply for the card until my mortgage closes...Hoping someone has a suggestion that doesn't involve having the MR card.


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Follow up in case anyone was interested:

My wife called in to Marriott (since her points expired as well). They restored her points, as well as mine and extended the expiration to another 2 years. She had 30k and I had 20k.

Mine: expired in February
Hers: expired in June
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