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Discussion in 'General Discussion | Credit Cards' started by McFreeze, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. McFreeze

    McFreeze New Member

    Another question just out of curiosity: are payments to sites like Radpad/Plastiq not flagged, since they are often used to pay rent/mortgage? Would they draw scrutiny for meeting minimum spend?
  2. mec

    mec Silver Member

    Which card(s) are you considering trying to make spend on?

    So far I haven't seen any data that (allowed) Plastiq spending doesn't count for sign up bonuses.

    Just certain gift card purchases (Simon Mall cards on Amex sign up bonuses recently) from among the current methods. Training your cards to allow high value purchases at some merchants may be another matter. Plastiq seems to work just fine, as it should considering the rather substantial fee.
  3. McFreeze

    McFreeze New Member

    AMEX Hilton Surpass Card ...
  4. mec

    mec Silver Member

    Amex cards are somewhat restricted on Plastiq. Most larger banks, credit unions... mortgage payments will not work but some will.

    But if you can get the payment to process it will count towards minimum spend for the SUB.

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