Q2 Charity Nomination Thread - Education


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Charity Recap:

  • I will donate an amount equal to my credit card affiliate revenue for the quarter. Additionally, anything else that pops up on an ad hoc basis will be added to the pool.
  • Use this thread to propose a charity, then we will open up a poll. The winner receives 100% of the money collected.

Please use this thread to nominate your charities for the Q2 category of Education. The nominations will close on 03/14/2015 at which time the Mod team will examine, discuss and shortlist charities. These finalists will be put forward to a poll/vote with the winner being supported for Q2 2015

Criteria for nominations:
  • Must be nonprofit or equivalent
  • Must be at least 3 years old
  • Must meet our quarterly focus
  • Should be at least 80% efficient (% of money that goes to program expenses)
    • Note: If your charity is less than 80% efficient, you can still make a case for why they should be selected.
Template for nominations:
  • Name:
  • Physical Headquarters Location:
  • Web URL:
  • Starting Year:
  • Efficiency:
  • Type of Charity:
  • Basic Description/Mission Statement:
  • Why you are nominating them?:
Suggested Resources:

Note - please only post nominations in this thread - any discussion of the nominations or questions about the process are to be held in the discussion thread (this makes it easier for us to manage).


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If I don't get any suggestions I am going to propose Dylans education. Come on you degenerates!


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  • Name: First Book
  • Physical Headquarters Location:
    1319 F Street, NW
    Suite 1000
    Washington, DC 20004
  • Web URL: http://www.firstbook.org/first-book-story/our-impact
  • Starting Year: 1992
  • Efficiency: 97%
  • Type of Charity: Education
  • Basic Description/Mission Statement: Together we can end illiteracy and give all children the chance to become successful readers for life. It all starts with their first book.
  • Why you are nominating them?: So many reasons. I have worked with many children that did not own a single book. I have seen how much of a difference owning a book, rather than having one on loan, makes. Literacy is important, and there is plenty of research that shows having books at home makes a huge impact on that front but really it is, for me, about these kids having something that is really theirs. Not a hand me down, not a loaned item, not a shared item. Something brand new that they can write their name on.


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OK that's good enough for me then. We're going to support First Book this quarter.

Note we have all sorts of neat cards to select from, such as the Alaska Air, AAdvantage, TYP Premier and many more - I can't curate the links, so cross check to make sure they are good - but many of them are. https://saverocity.com/creditcards