Puzzled on fare on AA paid with gift cards


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I purchased two $297 r/t tickets (total of $594) on AA using $600 worth of AA gift cards from Amex travel credits. I then purchased 4 seat assignments (2 people x 2 legs) paying on an AA Plat for a total of $48.

My email receipt shows:


When I went onto AA to view the flights, it shows this (purchased seats included):


I can't figure it out. Any thoughts? Am I missing something? Did the price change from the time I purchased to the actual ticketing? This is my first time using AA gc's - is it something to do with the gc?

The charge for the seats shows on my AA Plat.

Checking balances on all gc's used - one has a balance of $9.69 - which would be correct in first scenario.

Any insight?


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Strange, but..... congrats!? :)

edit - I see you said they charged you the higher amount. I'm stumped.


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I was hoping to find a bigger balance on one of the gc's - but no.

Trying to decide if I should call AA - seems like trying to explain this could be a nightmare phone call.

I didn't get charged more - so that's not an issue, but if I'm due $$ - I'd like to have it!