Poll Poll What is the shortest notice to book an IHG AWARD Room

What is the shortest time to reservation for an award booking at IHG (award) properties?

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I'm compiling a list of award booking to hotel reservation timelines - the purpose is to see which chains allow short notice bookings so you can increase flexibility in your plan. To make it easier to collate I have added a poll so we can identify real 'winners'. If you select the best answer, 'booked on phone app/phone call while in hotel lobby' please let me know if it was personal experience or if not where you read this.



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Booked a Holiday Inn in NYC at 3am on New Years Day on points while standing in the lobby. I did have to call in to book it though because the night had technically already passed according to the app (since it was after midnight). Did it again 2 days later too.


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I made a booking similar to MileHighYuppie at night at Holiday Inn. Just had to wait an hour for room to be ready. Basically lobby, I guess.