(PHX)LAX-PPT-AKL-stop-MEL-openjaw-SYD-LAX(PHX) - Still possible?


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I had been eyeing the itinerary for a 2015 June family trip long time but slept on it 6 months back when the awards had opened. I know things have changed with DELTA quite a bit. But I want know if the following is still possible.

Self: 575,000 miles Spouse: 90K miles
Need: 2 business awards + 2 economy on same flights.
Estimate: 2 Biz @ 160K = 320K, 2 Econ @ 100K = 200K, Total = 520K.

I see availability on Air Tahiti going in to AKL. And from what I have read I should be using Virgin Australia to get back. I have heard the taxes are going to be excessive on this.

When I mentioned this briefly to BMG during the DO, he said going through/via Korea would be a better way to do this but I don't know what the options are. Any suggestions appreciated.

And just for fancy (or real :), is there another 4 person redeption that can be done with not much taxes on Delta in 575K miles next June?