Opening Biz Checking - Help with 5/24 and Pre-Approved Offers?


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Sort of an vague question, but I'm asking it anyway.

A recent company stock event left me with a chunk of cash. First step (done) is to put this money in our default S&L so it can clear and I can write individual checks from this account. The Master Plan is to open a Chase Savings for a $300 bonus after 90 days (account is open just waiting for funding). But I have money left if just meeting that minimum, so why not a BIZ savings and checking where the checking has no real minimum for a bonus? Anyone done this before with multiple accounts on the same day? I see a nice potential here if I can do the biz accounts. NOTE that I already have an Ink Cash card under a business name.

The big question (er, hope?) I have is ... might this make it possible to add an Ink Preferred card to my holdings? I am WAY over 5/24 and never get pre-approvals despite Chase being our main bank. But Main Bank means the money goes in, then comes out and we never pay any fees or carry any significant balances. Might a couple of large (to me) accounts with parked money up the chances of additional cards?

Opinions appreciated. Real experiences even more. Alternate strategies? TIA.
Ok. So I'll provide a real experience even though the final disposition is not in.

I had made an appointment with a business banker for this morning. My wife and I went in as I wanted her name on all accounts, including the savings account I had opened in my name online (for the $300 bonus). NOTE that we already have a joint checking account with them that is used as our main bill paying source (which means it never has a very impressive balance).

Today we opened biz checking and savings account for bonuses of $300 and $200 (per DoC links also mentioned in a recent post here somewhere). I explained my idea for a new business venture which I do intend on following through with although it's more of an experiment ... but it makes a real story!

At the end of what seemed to be a way-too-long process and a large stack of printed papers, we wrote out 2 large-ish checks and one for a more trivial amount to fund these accounts.

The banker asked if I would like a new credit card for this new venture. I explained that my guess is that I was not eligible from what I have read online. He said that 2 pre-approved offers had popped up. YES!! "Pre-approved offers" is not a sequence of words that have popped up for me in the past ... I quit checking months ago, but I'm pretty sure these weren't there before this new activity (I DID checked online this morning and NADDA).

I applied for a CIP card on the spot which is under review. I'm hoping the deposits we made today help push this over the edge. Whatever the case, I'm looking to collect $800 in bonuses for parking our money there for 90 days (and after fulfilling a PITA debit card requirement). Also need to avoid fees for 6 months, then I'll decide if I really need to keep these accounts or not.

Fun fact: With most of the work done via computer and with us both being known to Chase for years, the process still took an hour and 15 minutes.