New MR Points from last SPG Card Statement?


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I was going to try a status post, but those seem harder to see and get reaction from these days. And less space!

I "rushed" to spend 5k on my wife's SPG card before 8/1 (to reach a specific multiple) and I managed to do this with about a week to spare. Her account shows the conversion of Starpoints to MR but only at 3x the original balance. We seem to be short 15k+ points; the point results of the last statement. Lots of talk of Travel Packages here, in which I am nowhere near being involved. Just curious if others have points in limbo, or if anyone knows if last statements still need some Marriott processing.

Note that they didn't even count as 1x or 2x new points. They just aren't there. Statement closed 8/7, but the charges were all well before 8/1. Ah, checking the statement to confirm closing date, the statement clearly shows we earned 16,902 points. They just aren't reflected in the current grand total. Not ready to call in and chase these yet, but it is making me a little anxious.