Mostar, Kotor and Cavtat?

Trying to hammer out the next adventure. Any must stop's enroute from Mostar to Kotor?
Any must go's while based in Kotor...or is there a better base?

Day 1: Land in Split
Day 2: Split...looking to do the 1/2 ATV tour (have two 17 yr old's...have to thrill them, too!)
Day 3: Drive to Omis for zip-lining and then continue on to Makarska
Day 4: Makarska
Day 5: Mostar, Bosnia
Day 6: Kotor, Montenegro
Day 7: Kotor
Day 8: Kotor
Day 9: Cavtat, Croatia
Day 10: Cavtat
Day 11: Flight from DBV to DUB
Day 12-14- Dublin


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I've been. Mostar is worth a day, but be aware there are border stops getting into Bosnia-Herzagovina. I took a bus in and out in the same day. I went to another smaller town in Bosnia, but can no longer recall the name, but it gave another perspective. Kotor is really lovely. The old town and setting are incredible. You have a lot of days there, and unless you want to just hang out for several days, you may want to consider more time in Croatia. But I love Kotor and would enjoy just sitting in the square having a drink and people watching. But, it can be done in less than the time you have there.
The three days in Kotor is to base down after moving every night. We'll have a car for day tripping.

I've read the Bosian border can get backed up. Was that your experience or do you mean there is more then one stop?
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