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is this possible? I found a room for about $200 (less if advance purchase) but it is 80,000 points! How can I ever use points with that rate?


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The hotel is probably in a mid-high rewards category and the normal price is probably higher but you're looking at a night with low demand making the gap seem really bad.

Let me guess, is it a Hilton? Their points often don't pull their weight netting <.3 cpp a lot of places I've looked.

Look around for a hotel in a lower category or go with a different brand.

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?????? Thanks for the input. Accor is my real brand but they no longer have a Sofitel in Minneapolis. I got Hilton Diamond with status match so that's why I was looking at these. For $195 I can get a suite so why not? I was just saying that all of my Hilton experiences have been less than perfect although the Conrad Tokyo was really nice.

When we take driving trips we usually stay at Hamptons but the points are usually 40K for a $150 room so I don't often use them. Maybe I should 'cause free is still free.

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OK. I wound up booking the Marquette (a Hilton) with points at 40K/night. the place is being renovated but since it was a weekend we only had noise from 3-4:30 on our arrival day. They gave me(sort of) an upgrade to a nice sized Executive floor room.

I guess it is a matter of discretion but our only breakfast option was the "lounge" which was just a small room of the restaurant that was curtained off. The options were not even as good as a Hampton so we went out for breakfast one day just to get something decent.

There was a double Happy Hour so we could get $5 glasses of wine from 9-11 pm. There was little or no service as the lobby was moved to third floor so there was nobody at the front door to get a cab or help with bags.

I've not been a big fan of Hilton but the status match from my Accor Platinum kind of sucked me in. We have a booking in Maldives in October and from then on maybe I can find another backup plan when there isn't a Sofitel in town.