List your last-ditch, free-night bookings!


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So, ... I just burned the better part of half-a-million Club Carlson points on last-minute bookings -- all in two-day increments. My plans are pretty solid, so not too much worry about having to change later and lose the free nights.

All in,
  • 12 nights in Scotland, bouncing between Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen
  • 6 nights in Barbados
  • 2 nights in Chicago for my wife's birthday
  • 2 weekends - one this year and one next year - in scenic Kenosha for a Renaissance fair we like to attend.
I opted against a speculative booking in Aruba, given the uncertainty about what might happen if the property got sold.

So, ... what did everyone else do?
Didn't have piles since I just used some in Austria and Zurich.

2 nights in Paris with my sister
1 night in Berlin (cheap rate for a layover, then bonus points)
2 nights in Chicago for anniversary
2 nights +1 in Barbados over Thanksgiving
2 nights in Aruba


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2016 Summer Trip to Eurpoe
2 Nights in Munich
2 Nights in Salzburg
2 Nights in Rome
2 Nights in Milan
2 Nights in St. Galen
10 Nights across 5 different hotels in Ireland
The Bonus Award Night is still good through today until 11:59 pm. I noticed they were still showing late last night/early morning. Confirmed this with a CC rep.


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Blu tour: 2 nights Prague, 2 nights Dusseldorf, 2 nights Cologne, 2 nights Lyon.

Homecoming weekend Gainesville, FL Country Inn & Suites (they require a 2 night stay that weekend and best available rate was $319 a night, so with tax $708 for 2 nights or 38,000 points).


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2 nights RB Chicago
2 nights May Fair
2 nights RB Royal Brussels
2 nights RB Le Metro Paris

Still have 50k points left. Will combine with 40k and free night cert next year.


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I booked 2 nights in Belize City, which we took, 2 nights in Krakow, which I had to cancel, and 2 nights in Aruba.

Anyone else going to Aruba this December? :p
I still have 2 nights in October at the Martinique, NYC.

I have lots of Club Carlson points left to use. My challenge is that inevitably, I can find a better hotel where I'm traveling. I'm just not that keen on their properties. But I'll certainly be able to rip thru those points if I ever actually stay. I've booked 2 nights at a European property for 75K/night. I sure miss that 2nd night free.


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My trips mentioned a few posts up, both booked speculatively, are now not happening. So I missed out on 2 for 1 use -really only using it a couple times in Cebu and Cape Town before it ended.