Life Miles a hit with me


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I have been using these miles, some from big bonus on two cards (which I may cancel before fee hits) and purchase with big bonus. Over the years I have used them for many Star alliance award flights.

When checking for an April 2019 flight to Toronto, I really wanted to fly from our home airport MDT(Harrisburg) as the costs of going to PHL or BWI can be fairly high. I found a non-stop on AC at $1300 for the two of us and some at more like $700 with stops on AA.

Using Life Miles I found RT for 50,000 miles and $150US in fees on the AC flights that I wanted. Unfortunately the website wouldn't or couldn't process them so I had to call Avianca. The agent was friendly, courteous, perhaps even brave, clean and reverent, but so slow. I was on the phone for nearly two hours but the flights are now booked.

One day I may wind up flying Avianca, but for now I'm solid with the program.